West Vancouver, British Columbia Speed Traps

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Taylor Way Southbound

West Vancouver, British ColumbiaMay 15, 20110 Comments

When proceeding southbound to Marine Drive from the Upper Levels highway, be on the lookout as the downhill slope crests. RCMP sit down by the Mall, and use Laser detectors as cars come into view, driving downhill. They’ll definitely spot you before you spot them, so watch your speed on the steep downhill slope of Taylor Way. The day I got nicked there in a friend’s Porsche 911. The police were pulling drivers into the mall parking lot to process them and hand out tickets – they had about 6 of us pulled over while they wrote my ticket out, and as quickly as one left, they pulled in another.

Taylor Way

West Vancouver, British ColumbiaAug 18, 20100 Comments

While going uphill (North bound – see map above) from the junction of Taylor Way and Marine Drive, an unmarked police SUV (dark color GMC) was behind me and immediately passed me at great speed. It was NOT flashing its police lights and obviously over the speed limit. My wife and I both said why is he in such a hurry to pass us. At the first light (Keith & Taylor Way), we both stopped at the traffic light as the first car. The unmarked police SUV was on the left lane and I was on the right next to the curb. It was still not flashing its police lights. When the traffic light turns green, it seems to want to return to going fast but appears to be lagging behind while I was thinking he should not be going so fast before. Naturally, one can be intimidated into going fast / going into a race. Upon the next light (Ingelwood & Taylor Way), I had already passed him / he let me passed him. Thinking that he is just another ordinary driver with natural instinct I put my car in front of him on the left lane. When the light turns green, I started moving and noticed that he is behind me probably at tailgating distance. We then stopped again at the traffic light of Highway 1 and Taylor Way. He was still behind me at that point. When the light turns green this time, I proceed at higher speed but he seem already knew that he was going to tag me (without a radar) and as I proceed further up Taylor Way (not entering Highway 1) and about to turn left at the top of Taylor Way, he turns on his police flasher and stopped me at the top of Taylor Way.

I think that instead of the traditional radar gun – which sometimes sits at the top of Ingelwood and Taylor Way – the police have found this new way of provoking you into a race, then let you run fast and ahead, and then ultimately tag you. So if you see an SUV racing uphill on Taylor Way fast, watch out!

Interstate 1 trans-canada / 99 near Cypress Mountain exit

West Vancouver, British ColumbiaJan 21, 20051 Comments

At the Cypress bowl road exit ramp on hwy. 1, heading westbound, there is often a speedtrap. There’s a long hill that goes down, and cars often will naturally pick up a fair amount of speed. The limit in this section is 90km/h (approx. 55mph). there’s alot of shrubbery as you come down the hill, and the emergency lane is quite wide – there will be a WVPD unit stopped there, shooting radar up the hill for unsuspecting drivers – by the time you see it, it’s too late, you’re caught. If you want to avoid this, take the cybress bowl exit ramp, and go down the other side. As you’re coming down the opposite side, if you’re in a high vehicle you might see the officer.
Better yet, take some time and go up Cypress – and drive as fast as you like, no police up the mountain!

Marine Drive near Park Royal Towers

West Vancouver, British ColumbiaJun 21, 20040 Comments

Going Westbound on Marine drive, passed Park Royal shopping center, there is usualy a cop who hidesin the Park Royal Towers property, just behind the pedestrian walkway. Since it’s dark and he’s hiding behind a bridge, you cannot see him. Be forewarned.

State Highway 1 near before Horseshoebay ferry terminal

West Vancouver, British ColumbiaFeb 09, 20040 Comments

60 km – have to slow down just before bridge before hill going down to ferry terminal. They say, "cause seven people just died on sea to sky" The excuse for the money grab. So they should put radar for sea to sky actually on sea to sky to catch the way people drive and die out there instead of west van cause many of us are just trying to make a boat. For us who are not on the way out there they havn’t made any point by putting radar way back in west van. or of equal weight justifiably to them.

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