Atwater, California Speed Traps

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Santa Fe Dr between Buhach and Wallace Roads

Atwater, CaliforniaJun 06, 20140 Comments

The location mentioned is the entire segment of Santa Fe Drive that is within Atwater city limits. It is posted at 50 mph, lowered from 55 mph around 2010 or 2011. Coming in from either the Merced side or Winton side which are both 55 mph as set by the county, the speed limit drops to 50 abruptly, and on top of that, there are no signs indicating where the 50 limit ends (which should be at the cross streets above; those are the city lines). CHP, APD, and Merced SO like to take advantage of this sometimes. Beware!

Santa Fe Dr in front of Bible Baptist Church (near Fox Rd)

Atwater, CaliforniaJun 06, 20140 Comments

More times than not, you can see a sheriff parked in the parking lot of the church, clocking people. They’re not very well hidden, either. This seems like a weird place to set up a speed trap because the speed limit does not abruptly drop. Nonetheless, make sure you’re not going even 1 mph above 55!

shaffer rd

Atwater, CaliforniaJul 11, 20130 Comments

on shaffer rd south of juniper just passed annaberry hospital is a church on right, a cop car sits back beside church, hard to see him but he can see you almost any time of the day.

bellvue rd

Atwater, CaliforniaJul 11, 20130 Comments

On north side of bellvue rd east of shaffer rd there are some dr’s offices next to Starbucks. A cop sits in parking lot driveway hidden until your right on him. Now construction area =double fines . Mostly in pm, also watches people leaving the smoke shop across street.

Applegate Rd (on the bridge over Highway 99)

Atwater, CaliforniaApr 03, 20120 Comments

It’s only 25 on that bridge… okay, that’s fine. But there are always cops waiting for you to go at least 26, and, when you get pulled over, you get slammed with an expensive ticket. Cops from everywhere go crazy on that bridge. It can be Atwater PD, Merced Sheriff, CHP (there’s a CHP station right there, go figure), or even Merced PD. Be careful in that area.

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