Loma Linda, California Speed Traps

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Westbound Redlands Blvd. between Anderson and Waterman

Loma Linda, CaliforniaOct 18, 20120 Comments

I didn’t get a really good look at the patrol car, so I don’t know if it’s from Loma Linda or San Bernardino, but it’s white with gold trim. He parks on the north side of Redlands Boulevard (on your right), and I was lucky to see him in time to slow to a legal speed before I passed him. Other people haven’t been so lucky; I’ve seen him pull over at least four cars. The speed limit for this stretch of Redlands Blvd is 45 MPH, so keep an eye out for the patrol car and slow down.

Anderson Street and Academy

Loma Linda, CaliforniaOct 03, 20120 Comments

The speed limit is posted at top of a hill 35 miles and the grade of the hill naturally causes people to accelerate. There is a Sheriff officer waiting with a laser gun to get you after you come down hill going over 35 miles an hour.

Mt. View northbound north of Barton Rd.

Loma Linda, CaliforniaMar 26, 20101 Comments

LL Sheriff sits just over the rise that goes over the railroad tracks. This is the new 4 lane section and coming down the hill it is easy to speed. Speed limit is 35 and even if you don’t make the light by Clark’s Market you can be easily going 45 or 50 coming down the other side of the rise.

Anderson northbound at Van Leuvan St.

Loma Linda, CaliforniaMar 26, 20101 Comments

LL Sheriff sits just across from the entrance to the Academy catching speeders coming north over the railroad overpass. Easy to gain speed coming down from the rise.

Eastbound Redlands Blvd between Waterman and Tippacanoe

Loma Linda, CaliforniaMar 17, 20100 Comments

If you are traveling Eastbound on redlands Blvd, The San Bernardino County Sherrifs Dept. sit and wait using laser not radar. There are so many business between Waterman and Tippocanoe to tuck back inside and wait where Deputy cannot be seen. The Deputy that tends to be working during the day is an "FTO" so his ducks are in order.

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