Oakdale, California Speed Traps

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Albers/Geer Road

Oakdale, CaliforniaJun 04, 20100 Comments

This speed trap is lengthy. There are patrol cars hidden in orchard driveways, side of road where there are dips. These cars will get you even if they are driving ahead of you! They have radar on the back of the car. I drive this way daily to work and see someone pulled over daily. This road begins as Albers Rd, and turns into Geer Road as you travel the same direction. Doesn’t matter, they are
waiting. Cross Roads are Milines, Dusty Road, and Yosemite.


Oakdale, CaliforniaApr 07, 20100 Comments

By any stop sign any light any parking lot any driveway… Oakdale cops are nazis out to get you. mostly kids so if your old they dont care as much

S. Yosemite Ave

Oakdale, CaliforniaMar 17, 20100 Comments

In the stretch of S. Yosemite Ave between Hi-Tech PKWY and Warnerville Rd there are two spots they hang out. One is in a driveway to Sconza Candy that is across the street from the recycling center, not the main entrance. The other one is in the driveway entrance to Fitness Plus.

About 2 Miles East of Oakdale on State Hwy. 120

Oakdale, CaliforniaFeb 12, 20100 Comments

Heading east out of Oakdale on State Hwy. 120 you come to a short (about 1 mile long) dual divided section of the highway where the speed limit remains 55mph. Near the eastern end of the divided section there is a gentle rise in the road followed by a gentle decline. The CHP hides over the hill and nabs you when you come over the rise. When you see him and you are driving at 65mph, you are dead meat. The 55mph speed limit on that stretch is poor planning. Should be 65mph.

State Route 120 near Wamble Road

Oakdale, CaliforniaOct 04, 20071 Comments

Westbound Hwy. 120 has 2 sections of 2 lanes of divided highway in which the speed is 65 mph, then the highway narrows down to one lane in each direction and the highway is no longer divided and the speed is reduced to 55. It was in the last section of the two lanes where it narrows down to one that I was given a ticket for going 65 in a 55 mph zone. I had just passed a beatup old motorhome with missing bumpers, windows, and a muffler (going 35 mph in the slow lane which was about to merge with the left lane that I was in) and I was re-entering the single lane and braking to slow down to the 55 mph speed in that area when the oncoming CHP made a u-turn and said she caught me in her radar going 65 mph. By the time I slowed down to 55, I was about 100 yards past the 55 mph sign. I didn’t argue that fact; however, I was unable to pull in behind the old motorhome so I maintained my 65 mph speed to get in front of him before the lanes merged and the speed limit changed to 55 mph. The CHP said, as she issued a citation, there was "Zero Tolerance" for speeders like me. We have been making the trip from Sonora to the SF Bay Area once a week and back for 16 years. This is the first ticket of any kind I have been given in 50+ years of driving. Subsequent to this incident, we have seen the same CHP issuing four (4) tickets in the same spot over a four week period. Wonder how many tickets would be issued during peak summer months with all the pleasure boaters, Yosemite traffic, motorcycle clubs, true speeders, fast driving semi-truck drivers, drivers passing recklessly in a hurry to get back to the Bay Area, and all those small cars weaving in and out constantly on WB 120.

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