Oakley, California Speed Traps

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East bound Laurel at Laurel school

Oakley, CaliforniaSep 22, 20110 Comments

As you come off the freeway you cross Empire and head odwn a hill, as you come back up the hill you are approaching Laurel School and a cop on a bike sits there under the shade of a tree and puts his radar gun on you. Have seen it in the morning for sure.

on Main st. going East towards Cypress

Oakley, CaliforniaAug 19, 20100 Comments

Eastbound on Main st, after passing Lucky shopping center, the limit is 35. as you pass city hall, it changes to 30. when you pass the Buzz Inn, it changes back to 35. it used to have a 45 limit sign when driving towards Cypress, but that sign is now "missing". If coming in the opposite direction, it was 45 passing Cypress, then became 30 when you hit the first warehouse on the right (Cutino’s?), before passing the Buzz Inn. I have seen signs changed recently.

Eastbound Main Street west of Big Break

Oakley, CaliforniaAug 09, 20100 Comments

Traveling east from hwy 160 or Bridgehead Rd there’s a long stretch (~2miles) of old Hwy 4 (now main street) thats 2 lanes each direction. Just before the Big Break Rd intersection there’s a fence on the right (surrounding the raleys/subway parking lot) they hide behind the fence and are usually using trigger laser. Speed limit is 45, but they’ll tolerate 55. 60 is a ticket …promise.

Bethel Island Road near Dutch Slough Road

Oakley, CaliforniaMar 25, 20080 Comments

Authorities like to sit across from Keller’s Liquors on Bethel Island Road just before the Bridge. About 200 feet before this intersection the speed limit drops from 40 to 25. Real busy on weekend nights and evenings during the week.

Empire Avenue near Truman Lane

Oakley, CaliforniaFeb 05, 20081 Comments

Patrol unit sits on Truman, clocking vehicles as they head due east. Street tends to increase in grade so vehicles like to "ramp" up their speed. Limit is 35mph. Many cars are doing 45. Empire starts with two lanes. Just before the trap the lanes merge to one. Vehicles in the right lane like to pass before the lane is gone. Hence, they speed up to do so…then

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