Poway, California Speed Traps

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Espola right around the

Poway, CaliforniaOct 08, 20030 Comments

They back up into the Blue Sky Parking lot waiting for speeders to come by. One of my freinds recieved a ticket here where the speed limit is 45 and the officer wrote that he thought 55 was an acceptable speed limit. So if you must, then I guess driving 55 isnt as dangerous as 56. At night time I always scan the parking lot for any parking lights or reflections, but they will also hide in the bushes just before the parking lot. The two times that they will do this is, right after high school gets (mostly on fridays) as well as at night time when it is harder to see them.

Orchard Bend just before Espola.

Poway, CaliforniaOct 08, 20030 Comments

Cops are looking for people cutting the corner between Pomorado and Espola. They don’t even try to hide, they will just be standing there next to thier bike holding a radar gun with one hand and waving you to the side of the road with the other as soon as you round the last corner before Espola.

Espola between Titan way and Lake Poway Rd.

Poway, CaliforniaOct 08, 20030 Comments

Once again they are looking for students speeding home from Poway High, so if you happen to be driving your kids car on this stretch during the time school might be getting out, you might stand a little better chance of not getting pulled over if you take the high school parking pass off. They hide in the streets and in the bfe parking lot.

Hwy 67 at Scripps Poway Pkwy

Poway, CaliforniaJul 20, 20020 Comments

South bound on 67 on the right at the turn out to Scripps Poway Pkwy. Traffic tends to pick up speed coming down the hill approaching the area. They tagged me with radar. There were multiple officers, one with a radar gun on the North side of 67 clocking people starting down that little hill after leaving the light.

Scripps-Poway Parkway grade

Poway, CaliforniaJul 08, 20022 Comments

The grade down from Hwy 67 is fairly steep and the vast majority of cars going down the hill are doing well in excess of the posted 55 MPH speed limit. Usually a pair of motorcycle cops will be sitting in the middle of the road at an emergency turnaround. I have also seen them use an unmarked white Suburban parked off the shoulder tagging folks with radar and radioing ahead to cruisers further down the road.

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