Yorba Linda, California Speed Traps

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Interstate 91 W

Yorba Linda, CaliforniaMar 02, 20050 Comments

Going West on the I-91 after passing the 55,( heading towards Weir Canyon Road exit) you’ll notice a large orange utility truck parked to the left with someone sitting on the passenger side.( no one else around!)It looks like the classic routine of radioing to his partner up ahead to get into your rear veiw mirror. My escort 85X picked him up about 1/2 mile before. SO WATCH FOR THAT TRUCK PEOPLE!

Yorba Linda Boulevard near Via de la Escuela Avenue

Yorba Linda, CaliforniaOct 31, 20040 Comments

It appears that the city gave the traffic signal at Via de la Escuela some attitude. I have not seen anything about the signal, but I have observed the following on several occasions while passing through this area. Whenever someone exceeds the already absurdly low 40 MPH limit going eastbound on YL (divided thoroughfare with two lanes each direction) the signal punishes motorists in both directions by immediately changing to red for at least 30 seconds, even if there are no vehicles waiting to turn on Via de la Escuela. Nearby, there is an electronic sign (radar) that greets eastbound motorists as they come downhill just before the signal. Safety-philes will argue about the school being there but this phenomenon occurs well after school hours to include late nights and weekends. This signal could be aggravating to residents, as I rarely see anyone drive at 40 or less through this area. I would not be surprised if this signal is really rigged to punish speeders, as this practice occurs in other cities such as Thousand Oaks and Pleasanton.

Fairmont Street near Yorba Linda Boulevard

Yorba Linda, CaliforniaMay 25, 20040 Comments

Motorcycle officers position themselves eithor across from the North Orange County Adult Education Center northbound in the PM or just before the tennis courts southbound in the AM to nail residents of the land of gracious living eithor on their way to work in the AM or home in the PM. Previously radar was the method of choice but is now replaced by Laser. Visability northbound to the spiders web is completely obstructed by median landscaping. .

Yorba Linda Boulevard near Ohio Street

Yorba Linda, CaliforniaFeb 12, 20040 Comments

Late at night, a Brea squad car hides under the cover of darkness and zaps unsuspecting motorists with instant-on (K band) without warning. There are rises on both sides of the YL Bl/Ohio St intersection, so there’s virtually no advanced alert of his presence. It’s the textbook definition of an ambush. The roadway is wide with two lanes each direction. With virtually no cars traveling this stretch that late it’s easy to pick up pace over the grossly under-posted limit of 40. The cops know this and will lie in wait.

Yorba Linda Bl, just east of the Placentia/Yorba Linda City Limits

Yorba Linda, CaliforniaOct 14, 20030 Comments

Brea motorcycle officer lies in wait going westbound under the cover of darkness just before you cross into Placentia. It’s his last chance to make revenue before you leave. That stretch is hilly and has "blind" side streets. He’s good…you won’t see him until it’s too late.

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