Boulder, Colorado Speed Traps

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Monarch Road

Boulder, ColoradoFeb 27, 20090 Comments

Monarch speed limit is 35mph. Lots of folks travel at 50mph in both directions on Monarch. My wife is a speeder that got caught here. Due to the enforcement, I hold my speed to 40 or less when I drive Monarch on a daily basis.

Edgewood Drive near 19th Street

Boulder, ColoradoSep 01, 20080 Comments

Just a couple blocks east of 19th, on the right side of the road, a white van will sit any time of day or night and take photos of vehicles going over the 25mph limit. It is often there, yet it is easy to forget about, and exceed this very slow limit!

35th Street near Aurora Avenue

Boulder, ColoradoJun 16, 20080 Comments

When traveling East from 30th Street going down Aurora, there is consistantly a photo radar van, usually either white or gold, that is parked between 34th and 36th streets facing the eastbound traffic. They are attempting to get people before they get to the elementary school.

Broadway Street near Norwood Avenue

Boulder, ColoradoMay 21, 20080 Comments

This trap is a photo radar van parked on the east side of Broadway in a no parking zone next to an apartment complex parking lot. There is a hill there that obscures the view of the van until it’s too late. A low speed limit is 35 and the hill make for a perfect opportunity for revenue. The van is a medium gray with large white lights in the front and rear windows. They are supposed to put up a sign when operating a photo radar unit, but sometimes the signs are not there. Keep your eyes open.

Broadway Street near Maxwell Avenue

Boulder, ColoradoMay 15, 20080 Comments

This is a double fine school zone that the cops are have really been hammering lately. Marked cars, unmarked cars, and even officers on foot. They park at the intersection of Broadway and Portland Place (the north end of the zone) and also in the driveway of a bussiness just north of Maxwell (the south end of the zone). Speed limit is a bit low at only 20 when the school zone lights are flashing, so they have a lot of cars to choose from for a ticket. Keep an eye out!

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