Campo, Colorado Speed Traps

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Campo, Co

Campo, ColoradoJun 12, 20150 Comments

The tiny “town” of Campo with about 100 residents per the 2010 census has no traffic lights, caution lights, no school zones or businesses located in the 30 mph speed zone along the highway. I was slowing down at the 45 mph sign. When I saw the patrol car under the shade tree, I checked the gps and saw it showing a 30 mph limit and my speed at 42. The patrolman said the radar showed I was going faster. It seems they are more concerned with getting revenue since you can pay more to have the ticket reversed and dismissed. If concerned for safety, a caution light would be more effective and less costly than personnel, patrol cars, radars, and electronic handheld ticket writers. We typically enjoy going routes through small towns with quaint shops and restaurants but will stick to the interstate when traveling this way in the future. From the highway, it looked like Campo had nothing to offer to a traveler other than a ticket anyway.

US Highway 287, entering Campo, Colorado

Campo, ColoradoJan 03, 20136 Comments

Speed quickly drops from 65 to 30 as you enter the town. In addition to ensuring you slow down to no more than 30 mph, don’t allow your slowing down to put you too close to the unmarked Campo Police White SUV going down the same road at a decreased speed. The cop will stop you for following too closely. Following too closely is a larger fine than a speeding ticket there, worth more points on your driving record, and then as mentioned before, the town of Ocampo runs some racket there where you can pay double the fine to keep it off your record. Bottom line is that the whole 0.1 mile long stretch of Hwy 287 that goes through the town is nothing more than a speed trap. Chief of police is a prick, who begins his introduction with, “I ticket everyone I stop.”

US Highway 287 near US Highway 160

Campo, ColoradoJul 09, 20080 Comments

The Town of Campo (pop. 150!) has invested in its very own cop and squad car for the purpose of raising revenue. Town speed limit is 30 mph, which you may not be able to slow down to without hitting the brakes hard. If you resume highway speed (65 mph) too quickly, assuming that you have cleared the 0.1 sq. mile town, the cop will nab you. Campo also has an extortion racket going, where the cop will offer to keep the ticket off your record if you pay the town judge double your fine amount.

US Highway 287

Campo, ColoradoDec 10, 20070 Comments

small town police department. speed limit goes from 65 mph to 30 mph in a matter of seconds. not enough time to slow down. town is less than half a mile long then goes back to 65 mph. town cop hides behind building and trees in unmarked car. does not display park lamps at night as required. has no sense of humor and does not give warnings. will write you for going four mph over the limit. town must be in need of money.

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