Firestone, Colorado Speed Traps

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Silver Birch Rd. (CR-11) and Tipple Parkway (CR-16)

Firestone, ColoradoDec 20, 20130 Comments

Firestone PD will park a vehicle during the evening, sometimes a low-vis Chevy with no lightbar, on Tipple facing Silver Birch. That unit will poll traffic with lidar as it approaches, and also nail cars for rolling stops at the fairly new four-way stop there. Firestone is known to be very aggressive with its speed enforcement, even when dealing with people who live in Firestone, and will light vehicles up for as little as five over or not coming to a full, three-second stop.

Sable & CR 11 (Recently renamed Silverbirch)

Firestone, ColoradoJan 27, 20110 Comments

If you are traveling South on Silver Birch, right after you pass the school zone, you will come to a stop sign. If you look left, you will see a bank of trees. An officer sits right against the trees on the North side of Sable, facing West. Usually the officer is there in the morning time between 7 and 9 or Afternoon between 2 – 4. This is NOT a speed trap..This officer is monitoring the stop sign and he has found a spot that is litterally a canned hunt. If you stop right at the stop sign line you still can’t see the officer, but he can see the front of your car. If you roll ever so slightly and don’t come to an ABSOLUTE complete stop, you WILL get nailed! Talk about splitting hairs. Whoever this cop is, I’m sure he far exceeds his quotas very quickly and resides in the “Good books” of the local judge and city council for all the revenu he harvests in such a short amount of time.

County Road 20 Between Roads 11 and 13

Firestone, ColoradoNov 16, 20100 Comments

Firestone PD likes to hide behind the oil tanks on the south side of County Road 20 between 11 & 13 and hand out tickets. They will pull you over for not having your turn signal on in a marked turning lane with a green arrow. Their court has become standing room only. Beware Firestone wrote the book on arrogance…..go to the extreme on politeness if pulled over. This is a good town to avoid all together if you can.

County Rd. 24 West from County Rd. 119 to Interstate 25

Firestone, ColoradoFeb 07, 20101 Comments

The firestone police department has uses County Rd. 24 as “revenue enhancement area” their words. This area is used to pull drivers over for any slight traffic violation and is used to harass local residents

Weld County 24 Road near Weld County 13 Road

Firestone, ColoradoApr 07, 20060 Comments

Firestone police will sit in public access roads off the entire length of WCR 24 and WCR 13. Speed limit signs actually vary from one direction to another. Will ticket vehicles going just 5 MPH over posted 45 MPH limit. Especially aggressive at night.

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