Greeley, Colorado Speed Traps

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16th street and 35th ave

Greeley, ColoradoFeb 01, 20170 Comments

they sit in the parking lot of assembly of god church .the flashing light are not on for a school zone( and it maybe less than 500 feet total .) then they tell you you are speeding in a school zone .they are seen there everyday from 7 am until noon .the rates are higher and so are the points and they will give a ticket saying you were going over the speed limit by more than 15 mph , which carries 8 points and then they tell you if you pay with in 30 days the point will drop in half , and if you pay with in 10 days it will drop to 2 points , and yes they even do this when the school is closed for the day m-f …. they tell you they have the right to stop you as long as its m-f , and it you tell them the lights are not blinking or you know for a fact the school does not have school that day , they tell you “it don’t matter , other schools are open “. and this is every 1st week of the month as well as the last week of the month .

East bound 10th Street just after 23rd Avenue.

Greeley, ColoradoApr 12, 20120 Comments

Camera speed trap on the right side (park side) of 10th street just past 23rd Avenue. Found it at nigt, it has taken pics of the front of my vehicle and the back after I passed it it night, saw the flashes …

71st Ave near 10th-Driveway of old HP building

Greeley, ColoradoOct 12, 20100 Comments

Officer sits in the driveway of the old HP building near the security gate with radar. He can clock people going either direction down 71st Ave without people seeing him.

47th Avenue and 37th Street

Greeley, ColoradoOct 01, 20101 Comments

Evans police will sit on the east side of 47th Ave and target cars headed southbound. The speed limit is 35 but speeds are folks are generally traveling faster than that since there are no houses around and you are headed out of Greeley. They will ticket at 5mph over. This seems to be more prevalent at the end of the month when quotas aren’t filled and they target the morning and evening rush hour times.

11th ave between 26th and 27th street

Greeley, ColoradoAug 15, 20100 Comments

Evan’s police often sit to catch southbound, especially out-of-staters. Probably illegal, but they let you plead guilty to "defective vehicle" instead of "speeding". Strictly a money making scam on their part.

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