Limon, Colorado Speed Traps

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Southwest exit out of Limon, Hwy 24 toward Colorado Springs.

Limon, ColoradoAug 22, 20130 Comments

After immediately leaving Limon, southwest on Hwy 24, there is a bridge posted 45mph, then, right after bridge, 55 mph, then rest of Hwy 24 toward Colorado Springs is 65 mph.

Limon is in one county, after the bridge it becomes Elbert county. Elbert County Sheriff was sitting just across the bridge, out of sight.

Yes, I had gone into normal 65 mph mode as I was crossing the bridge, busted pretty immediately. COST: $163.00. Take care.

Just inside the west end of Limon, CO.

Limon, ColoradoAug 03, 20110 Comments

This is the only part of the I-70 between The outskirts of Denver and the end of eastern Colo where the speed changes, for no obvious reason except to trap drivers. There is only ONE SIGN which if you happen to have looked away or are passing one of the double truck trailers, it could easily be missed. I agree if this is to be enforced reasonably, there should be some indication beforehand that the speed is going to change.

Limon Co. east main street going out of town

Limon, ColoradoDec 01, 20100 Comments

going out of town east on main street (hy 287) where it is obviously highway and the 55 mph sign is in sight . beware. there is not a posted 45mph transition zone sign. there is however a local cop just waiting for unsuspecting travelers who are used to a 35 to 45 to 55 to 65 mph speedlimit transition zone signs as are present in all other towns on hy 287 between denver, co and Lubbock Tx

Highway 24 in Kiowa county between I-70 and Colorado Springs

Limon, ColoradoSep 30, 20100 Comments

65 mile speed limit dropped to 50 for work zone with no advanced warning, even disabling cruise to slow without tromping brake as one crests hill they have you on radar, slow traffic with colorado plates, pull over and fine (minimum of $300) out of state traffic

Hwy 71 southbound out of Limon

Limon, ColoradoSep 13, 20101 Comments

The speed limit heading south out of town is, I believe 35 or 45, and that stretch runs from the railroad tracks almost all the way to the golf course (about 1 1/2 miles). The tendency is to start accelerating after you turn onto the highway, but if you do, you’re a sitting duck. You’re better off to keep it at the speed limit until you pass the prison — lots of law enforcement vehicles near THAT place.

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