Northglenn, Colorado Speed Traps

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I-25 northbound between 104th and 120th

Northglenn, ColoradoJun 13, 20130 Comments

A new speed trap is in operation on I-25 in Northglenn. An officer hides at the east end of the 112th Ave bridge over I-25 clocking northbound traffic. Chase cars and motorcycles are stationed farther north toward 120th to pull drivers over. I noticed this new trap while driving across the overpass. If you are on I-25, you’ll never see the cop standing at the end of the bridge. Watch your speed very carefully traveling northbound on I-25 as you pass 104th. It is 55 mph until after a pedestrian bridge near Cinzzetti’s Restaurant, then 65 mph farther north by the 112th bridge. Traffic flow is usually closer to 70 mph, so the cops can pick off most anyone to issue a ticket to. Meanwhile, they are also still standing up on the pedestrian bridge by Cinzzetti’s, nailing drivers in the 55 zone just before the 65 sign. Lately, the prime time for these speed traps has been in the early to mid afternoon, but be on guard any time during the day.

I-25 in Northglenn, Colorado

Northglenn, ColoradoFeb 04, 20110 Comments

Motorcycle cops using radar guns patrol both north and south bound I-25 between Thornton Parkway and 120th Avenue exits (mile markers 220-223) during daylight hours. Most traffic exceeds the speed limit along this stretch, but "going with the flow" definitely will NOT help you here! This is purely a revenue-generating operation for the City of Northglenn. The traffic "court" would be laughable if it were not such a travesty of justice. Don’t know how much over the limit they will offer a plea for, but I witnessed pleas routinely being given for tickets originally written for 40 mph over the limit (55mph).

I-25 Between 104th & 120th

Northglenn, ColoradoJan 27, 20110 Comments

Passing over the freeway is a pedestrian bridge. (On the west side of the feeway is Cinzetti’s Itallian Resurant) Police often have an officer standing in the middle of the bridge with a radar gun. Officers are lined up waiting while he radios down the speeds and makes of cars..I have passed through there many times seeing up to 6 vehicles pulled over at once …its more than just a speed trap’s a speed ticket revenue factory, it’s sick. Yes, I know therre are laws and everyone needs to obey them, but when the people we are supposed to trust exploit situations like this I lose total respect. When it gets to this point it’s blatantly obvious the city’s revenues are far more important than our safety. Ok if I get caught speeding fair and square, fine, but this speed trap is nowhere near fair and square. its more like shooting fish in a barrel.

104th ave and Livingston

Northglenn, ColoradoMay 10, 20100 Comments

Usually two motor officers sitting on the sidewalk near the fence, it is almost impossible to see them until it is too late, they are tagging both east and west bound traffic, but it looks like they take the west bound traffic over the east. Generally about 800am to 1030am, they know you’ll more than likely to be running late. Speed limit is 35 but easily people are doing 40-50.

112th and Foxrun

Northglenn, ColoradoApr 15, 20100 Comments

Cycle cops working area during morning rush everyday for last 2 weeks

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