Superior, Colorado Speed Traps

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600 Marshall Rd (Costco driveway)

Superior, ColoradoMar 22, 20240 Comments

If you are entering the Costco driveway at this location, and an oncoming car is a Boulder Sheriff, they take great offense at your left turn and ticket you for failing to yield the right of way. A yielding left turn is always a subjective judgement call so what are you going to argue is safe, 200 feet? 1,000 feet? Pay attention to the possibility of the officer speeding up to create more favorable conditions for a ticket. My officer claimed he had to “slam on his brakes”. I would say that could be true after he decided to ticket me and turn into the driveway behind me…

McCaslin Blvd Northbound down steep hill

Superior, ColoradoFeb 15, 20120 Comments

This is a very sneaky trap, down the long steep two lane roadway there are two 45 MPH speed signs in a few hundred feet, followed by a 40 MPH sign near the bottom of the hill.

Police hide in the dirt road turnoff behind a few trees or at night on the side of the road by the 40 MPH sign.

Coalton Road

Superior, ColoradoMay 13, 20100 Comments

Cops will sit just east of Rock Creek Circle, just over the crest of the hill (near Range Rover dealership) to catch people going 45 in this 35 mph road. I started noticing this after the roundabout on McCaslin was completed. (McCaslin is 45 mph) After going through roundabout they continue going 45 on Coalton, especially if they hit green lights on Indiana and Rock Creek Circle.

88th and Rock Creek Parkway Loop

Superior, ColoradoOct 16, 20090 Comments

Superior police have now switched over to laser, specifically at night, but Ka is still used during the day. An officer in a dark colored Chevy Tahoe will sit near an entrance of a condominium complex and fire lidar at cars coming from the Safeway/Walgreens area. Speed limit is 40 but it is very easy to blow past that. These dark suv’s are only out at night unless you are in Lafeyette or Boulder

Indiana Street near Rock Creek Parkway

Superior, ColoradoMay 14, 20080 Comments

A Boulder County sheriff will monitor speed through the school zone on Indiana Street in front of Superior Elementary. Posted speed at that time is 20 mph.

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