Waterford, Connecticut Speed Traps

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50 mph zone from exits 74 to the 395 interchange.

Waterford, ConnecticutJun 15, 20101 Comments

Today (6/15/10 at 11:00 am) there were two troopers actively patrolling and taking readings on cars on the southbound lanes. Both were after underpasses, one at exit 74 and one closer to the 395 interchange. The entire area is marked 50 mph which is ridiculously low for a major interstate highway, and almost every driver just cruises through. Safety is not really an issue–this location is purely predatory. Keep an eye on your speedometer around here–i have no clue what they pull people over at, but it’s probably over 70 because of the low compliance rate.

Vauxhall St. Ext. Street near Twin Lakes Dr. Drive

Waterford, ConnecticutSep 15, 20070 Comments

The corner of Vauxhall st. Ext. and Twin Lakes Dr. The speed limit on Vauxhall St. is 35 mph but most cars travel along at 40 and above since it is a straightaway and not much traffic. The police car was parked in someone’s yard on the corner and I was pulled over as I turned into Twin Lakes. I was told I was doing 42 and I was given a verbal warning. I am much more aware of my speed on Vauxhall St. now.

Interstate 95 near Exit Number 80 and 81

Waterford, ConnecticutOct 13, 20060 Comments

Unmarked state police on south bound side of the highway between exit 81 and 80. They catch autos just as they go over the crest of a small hill. This area is 55 MPH, but the prevailing traffic generally averages closer to 65 MPH. Sometimes more than one car.

Fog Plain Road near Devonshire Road

Waterford, ConnecticutFeb 01, 20050 Comments

Police sit on Devonshire with the setting sun behind them so you can not see until too late. Speed limit is 25 and they get you after coming down the big hill on Fog Plain. There nearly every work day. They also sit on Giovanni and do the same thing.

I-395 Just Before I-95

Waterford, ConnecticutSep 17, 20030 Comments

On I-395 just after Exit 77 going South the speed drops from 65 to 55 then about a half mile to mile up it drops from 55 to 50. When you see the sign that says to merge into the left lane slow down to 50MPH because right around that corner before you get onto I-95 they site on the right side in the grass. Most the times they use Laser but are also known for Radar also.

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