Boca Raton, Florida Speed Traps

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Turnpike at Glades Road exit

Boca Raton, FloridaMar 14, 20030 Comments

State trooper sits behind the Glades Road exit overpass on the southbound turnpike side.

Potomac Road

Boca Raton, FloridaNov 18, 20020 Comments

Two types of traps: One in which motorcycle officer hides his bike adjacent to or behind roadside foliage, and steps out with handheld instant-on lazer, this seen in mid-day on the east-bound lane. Another seen late at night on weekends in which patrol car sits in a triangular patch of road where the road converts from two lane to median-divided four lane. The car actually sits in the middle of the road in this yellow-demarcated triangular area of road, so cars approaching westbound are being shot “down the throat”” with his lazer gun. Late at night there are no lights on this road and the patrol car is not visible with its lights out at lazer range. Potomac is a short road between Powerline Road and Military Trail. Officers offer excuse that residents of nearby Boca Bath and Tennis (gated community) have complained about car noise on this road and requested the trap.”

St. Andrews Ave, northbound near Yamato

Boca Raton, FloridaNov 18, 20020 Comments

Officers hide behind/near roadside trees at entrance to gated community at north end of St.Andrews. They step out with instant on laser, and pull cars into the entrance road to the community. Community guard appears to cooperate with effort by allowing cars to go through and around guard gate to line up for ticketing. Rush hour traffic (6:45- 8 am) also timed to catch high school students attending nearby Spanish River High. Frequent monitoring, at least weekly. Always a long line of those caught.

Yamato at the overpass over the Florida Turnpike.

Boca Raton, FloridaJul 30, 20020 Comments

Pretty much the whole Yamato road is one big speed trap. Cop 1 hides in on the top of the overpass inside the covered sidewalk way. Cops 2,3,4,5,6 hang out on the other side of the overpass. Cop 1 radios to cops 2-6 various speeding cars. Cops 2-6 do superman move, and pull everyone over.

Yamato Road overpass/ Florida Turnpike

Boca Raton, FloridaJul 08, 20021 Comments

More then 10 Palm Beach County Sheriffs on Motorcycles supplemented by another uniform officer that hides in the pedestrian walkway on the Yamato overpass with Laser detection. After Laser detection, officer radios ahead to the mass group awaiting on the other side of the overpass to issue citations. The group will walk into traffic and pull the offending cars out of line for ticketing. The posted Speed Limit on this six lane median divided highway is 45MPH. This was lowered from it original 55MPH after a traffic accident which resulted in four fatalities. The Florida DOT investigated the accident and concluded in its findings that the 55MPH limit was adequate. The state only changed the limit after public pressure from a local condo retirement community. This gives law enforcement an overextended reach when executing its speed trap.

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