Coleman, Florida Speed Traps

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The ENTIRE Maybery town

Coleman, FloridaApr 13, 20100 Comments

Any road in town One cop town and he sits near the only traffic light in town. I am a convinced it it solely to generate revenue. What a waste of tax dollars for this little podunk town to have a police department with all the liability associated. However it is this way all over Florida and there is a federal law against "speed traps".

State Route 301

Coleman, FloridaFeb 28, 20080 Comments

Big speed trap goes to 35mph from 55 beware and strict tint enforcement also_

US Highway 301 near City Limits

Coleman, FloridaMay 04, 20070 Comments

Typical small town trap trying to generate revenue

State Highway 301 near North end of the town of Colemen, FL

Coleman, FloridaApr 21, 20051 Comments

Coleman is another of the samll rural towns along 301 north of Tampa using speed traps as revenue enhancements. The speed limit is generally 55 but decreases to 45, then 35 in the space of about .25 mile. The officer sits in a parking lot on the north bound side just after the 35 MPH marker to catch motorists just as they come over a slight rise in the southbound lane. Suggestion – when travelling north/south in central FL, consider using I-75, thereby avoiding the small towns along 30l including the infamous Lawtry and, now, Coleman that treat unsuspecting travelers as an alternative to local taxation.

US Highway 301 near City Limit Sign

Coleman, FloridaApr 15, 20051 Comments

It is not readily apparent that you have entered a city limit from a rural highway. The speed limit goes from 55 to 45 to 35 within a 100 yard distance. Officer will not discuss anything with you regarding the alleged violation except to state what he has what decided your speed was. No discussion! You will be threatend with arrest if you ask any questions! They are kind enough to give you an envelope addressed to the county courthouse so you can mail them their money.

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