Cottondale, Florida Speed Traps

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Between Dothan and transitioning into Cottondale.

Cottondale, FloridaJun 27, 20180 Comments

I was starting to slow down to a posted 45 mph as I transitioned from 55 mph but officer was so quick to pull me over and without any conversation about the incident he only took my license to fill out the citation. No info at all other than I was going 56 in a 45. $203 ticket. Total racket and abuse of power, I did not deserve this!!

Caddy Rd

Cottondale, FloridaMar 14, 20180 Comments

Officer isn’t a person you want to mess with, just take the ticket and stay quiet, (his M-O is to bring you up on charges) even If you are issued a fraudulent citation, my advice to you is to pay it! Do not, and I repeat, Do NOT! go to court. Doing so will be very costly for you.
The city of Cottondale rakes in more than a quarter of a million dollars a year speed trapping travelers along with issuing bogus speeding citations. Yes you are a victim of corruption but you are also just another statistic. My very expensive advice to you is take another route and avoid this town at all cost.

In-between Peanut Rd & Dogwood DR

Cottondale, FloridaMar 07, 20180 Comments

I was accused of traveling 60 mph in a 45 mph zone which is not fact.
My cruise control was set to 35 mph when I saw it drop from 65 to 55 then 45, I assumed the speed would drop to 35, not a problem for me because I was pulling a trailer loaded down with motorcycles and I felt it was a safe speed going through this small town and would give me extra time to brake.

The officer who pulled me over was a senior citizen. I believe he is no-longer able to serve and protect but yet Jackson county courts allow this officer to issue bogus tickets for profit while he berates you. My advice is to get an attorney and next time take an alternate route from corrupt Cottondale and it’s scheming officers.

About .10 of a mile from the town north of its city limit

Cottondale, FloridaFeb 28, 20180 Comments

A Sign tenth of a mile north of city limit on 231 says speed limit is 65. Then it drops in about 100 yards to 55. Then it drops to 45 after about another 100 yards to 45. Then the City Limit sign appears. A corporal gave me a ticket there for going 57 in a 45. The 55mph sign does not even come up as an icon on my 2016 Optima SXL GPS road map at all!

Hwy 231 North Cottondale, Fl.

Cottondale, FloridaJun 13, 20160 Comments

We were leaving Panama City. I was following my son. We were in a 55mph zone. There was a Silver Pick up truck weaving in and out of traffic, plus he was speeding. We noticed a police car across the median and he turned in his lights and made s u-turn we just new he was going after the pick up truck. When he got behind me I turned on my blinker and got in the right lane. He went around me, my son was getting over and the officer got over too, and pulled my son over. So I pulled over onto the side of the road and kept my distance to wait on my son. I put my flashers on and turned my car off. A few minutes later the Officer O yelled at me to pull forward, I just assumed he didn’t want me behind him even though I was a good distance so I did want I was asked to do. A few minutes later he walks up to my car, I assumed he was gonna tell me I couldn’t park there. He surprised me , he started yelling at me asking for my liscense and registration I ask why, and explained that I was just waiting for my son and he starts yelling at me again saying I was speeding and tailgating. I couldn’t believe this. #1. How can you speed and tailgate but the main reason I was upset was because he never pulled me over. If I would have not pulled over to wait in my son I would not have gotten two tickets. Yeah two tickets one for speeding and one for tailgating. Crazy right. He wrote us both tickets saying we were going 62 in a 45. We were 50 feet from the 65mph sign of which I took a picture. We were actually in a 55mph zone. We were both going with the flow of traffic. There was no court date just a envelope to pay the fines. Mine were $165.00 and $253.00. My sons ticket is $253.00. This officer O is rude and I truly believe he only stops people with nice cars and out of state plates. Beware. This must be how his town survives. I will be seeking legal advise.

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