Navarre, Florida Speed Traps

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Rt. 98 approx. 1/2 mi. East & West of Navarre Beach bridge

Navarre, FloridaMay 07, 20160 Comments

Speed limit drops from 45 m.p.h. to 40 m.p.h. for a small stretch of approx. 1 mile +/- on Rt. 98 east and west of Navarre Beach bridge. It’s being heavily policed by both Santa Rosa County Sheriffs and FHP.

On the causeway bridge to Navarre beach off Hwy 98

Navarre, FloridaNov 23, 20150 Comments

As you turn off Hwy 98 on to the causeway bridge to go to Navarre beach the speed limit is 35mph. The only speed limit sign is on the left where traffic is merging with you.It is surrounded by several other signs and bushes and is not prominent.You have to accelerate to climb the grade of the bridge. When you break over the top, a deputy is on the other side clocking your speed. As I later learned, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s department works this all the time.

Between Walmart and Shrimp basket

Navarre, FloridaMay 11, 20120 Comments

FHP _LOVES_ to sit on the side roads off of US 98 between the Shrimp basket on the busier side of Navarre and Walmart(between Ortega St and Panhandle Trail on US98). It’s 45 MPH through here and appears to become more rural so people tend to speed up so watch out! They use laser to target mostly east bound traffic but I have seen them target west bound traffic from the scooter store across the street as well but it is rare.

Manatee St & Sunrise Dr

Navarre, FloridaOct 24, 20090 Comments

Santa Rosa Deputies love to sit just around the corner of the fire department there, Manatee St is long and straight, so they can clock you from a distance. They are also very biased. My Uncle lives near this area in Holley by the Sea, I picked up some black gentlemen that worked for him because they needed a ride home one day, I was doing the speed limit or actually about 5 mph under, when a brand new BMW comes from over 400 yards behind me and was on my bumber in 5 or 6 seconds. The Deputy waved at me to pull over just because 4 black men were in my car, and the BMW driver stopped too because he expected the ticket, the deputy told him to go on and have a nice day. I had a sony handycam and caught the whole thing and filed a complaint with the FL State’s Attorney… That Corporal / SWAT / Deputy is no longer in law enforcement! but others do the same thing still. They also set up along Sunrise Dr and Edgewood Dr in areas where roads are not paved yet, which give them complete cover to use hand held radar (Ka and laser), the laser is so quick, I have never had it set off my detector, but they got the car ahead of me not long ago! The entire Holley by the Sea area is one big speed trap, as well as US 98 from Gulf Breeze to the Okaloosa County Line (by Santa Rosa Sheriff).

State Highway 87 south near State Route 399

Navarre, FloridaAug 17, 20070 Comments

You climb a hill over east river and they have the speed droped to 35 and they are sitting in the middle of the blind spot of the hill coming the other way they hide behind the local church signs beware state – local – Dot and the motorcycle ones love to team up in all the little hideaways.

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