Pace, Florida Speed Traps

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Any Road In Pace – Stealth Gray Dodge Charger Unit Awareness

Pace, FloridaMay 22, 20180 Comments

Pace, FL drivers need to be aware of at least one, perhaps two ‘stealth’ lightly marked dark grey ‘slicktop’ (no roof lights), almost black Santa Rosa Deputy patrol cars with black tinted windows. black wheels and dark black ‘stealth’ lettering on the doors.

This unit is a roamer assigned to north Santa Rosa County Pace area, constantly cruising any street in Pace and doing stationary radar in most areas. I’ve seen it all over Pace

Deputies assigned to this unit are more aggressive than ‘normal’ white marked patrol units. They will flash their stealth grill lights at anyone suspected of any moving violation. You have to be a ‘special’ kind of Deputy to get this car assignment. I’m sure these ‘stealth’ cars are funded from some kind of Federal grant money taxpayer all end up paying for.

Pace drivers need to be aware of Santa Rosa Sheriffs Office attempts to deceive the public and not operate in clearly marked, highly visible patrol units.

South Spencer Field Rd Between East And West Spencer Field

Pace, FloridaMay 15, 20180 Comments

South Spencer Field Road in Pace between East and West Spencer Field Roads is a popular cut through for drivers to gain access to Highway 90.

It is a small 2-lane road that was built too small from the beginning and is now overwhelmed with traffic due to residential growth in Pace area.

Posted limit on South Spencer Field Road is 35 MPH and it’s clearly a speedtrap.

I have seen both Florida Highway Patrol and Santa Rosa Sheriffs in marked cars parked in the many shady tree-heavy areas off to the side waiting for the unlucky to pass. Why does the State of Florida allow the FL HIGHWAY patrol to work roads that are NOT highways??

US Navy training helicopters also fly very low over neighborhoods along this road day and night and are a visual distraction to drivers and a constant noise nuisance on this road. I wouldn’t reside here for any amount of money.

Revenue Generator 3-Hour ‘School Zone’ on Chumuckla Hwy

Pace, FloridaMay 15, 20180 Comments

There is an unnecessary, pure revenue generating 20 MPH ‘school zone’ light that turns on every weekday around 1pm and remains on until close to 4pm (3 hours in length) located at Chumuckla Highway and ‘Education Drive’ intersection. There is a middle school and an ‘intermediate’ school located 2 miles west on Education Drive nowhere near this ‘school zone’. The light even comes on during school holidays WHEN SCHOOL IS CLOSED.

I have never once witnessed any children or crossing guard or any other human in this ‘school zone’ but I do see Santa Rosa Sheriffs Deputies in marked and unmarked patrol cars working this area a lot. Be especially aware of a dark grey ‘stealth’ slicktop blacked-out Dodge Charger with black door markings that is seems to exclusively sit in this area most of the year.

The maddening part of this blatant speedtrap is that it is the longest ‘school zone’ I have ever seen, lasting 3 hours every day for reasons I have yet determined. Big money tickets await local drivers just trying to get through this 3-hour school gauntlet daily.

This school zone is the twin of another one lasting just as long on Highway 90 in Pace next to an elementary school that slows traffic to an unbearable crawl every weekday. Who puts an elementary school next to a busy highway??UNBELIEVABLE!

35 MPH Zones on Chumuckla and Woodbine Near 5 Points Light

Pace, FloridaMay 14, 20180 Comments

There are twin 35 MPH zones on Chumuckla Hwy and Woodbine Road, each as you are within 1 mile of the 5 Points traffic light intersection.

The speed limits on each of the roads Chumuckla and Woodbine are 45 MPH but suddenly drop to 35 in this one-mile area.

Santa Rosa Deputies in white marked and unmarked cars (be especially aware of a dark grey blacked out Santa Rosa Deputy ‘stealth’ car with light markings) sit on either road within these 35 MPH zones running radar.

I see them all the time near the new Publix grocery store near 5 Points.

Giddens Road

Pace, FloridaApr 07, 20100 Comments

Troopers park on North side of road in shadows of large oak tree, mostly to catch traffic traveling West bound toward Chumuckla Hwy.

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