Rockledge, Florida Speed Traps

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Murrell Road and Irongate

Rockledge, FloridaAug 08, 20100 Comments

Cop sits in car behind Irongate entrance bushes with radar gun hanging out of the car. New Rockledge PD is being built…guess how it is going to be financed?

Murrell Road and Irongate

Rockledge, FloridaAug 07, 20100 Comments

Cop sits behind the foliage with binocs and radar gun. Looking for people not wearing seatbelts and speeders. They especially like to sit here at 4 a.m. so beware you early morning drivers. Did you know Rockledge PD is building a new police station? Now you know why there are so many speed traps….revenue…has nothing to do about safety.

Murrell Road and Golf Vista Blvd.

Rockledge, FloridaAug 06, 20100 Comments

Cop sits in his vehicle behind the trees/shrubs with his radar gun sticking out the window. Murrell Road from Barton to Viera Blvd (@2 miles) is one continuous speed trap.

Corner of Roy Wall and Murrell Road

Rockledge, FloridaMar 28, 20100 Comments

If they don’t catch you speeding down Roy Wall (and it’s a ridiculous 35mph on this road to start with) they will definatly catch you not coming to a COMPLETE stop at the stop sign when you get to Murrell Rd (if your coming east on Roy Wall.) Had a cop hiding behind the trees. No traffic coming so I turned right without coming to a complete stop. He pulled me over in the Tropical Smoothie plaza, ticketed me then blew right through 2 stop signs that were in the parking lot. Go figure!

Ventana Blvd & Murrell Rd

Rockledge, FloridaDec 30, 20080 Comments

Norhtbound on Murrell Road watch for the Patrol Car hiding behind the foliage on Ventana Blvd entrance. Received a radar ticket in the afternoon and have seen the car there many times before. No warnings…they need the revenue. It’s all about the money as I was written for 5 mph over the limit.

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