Commerce, Georgia Speed Traps

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US 441 NB between Commerce & Cornelia

Commerce, GeorgiaMay 14, 20150 Comments

Check all speed signs !! They have temporary 55 MPH signs that they put over the posted 65 MPH sign and then set up their trap. Mostly in a wide open area just after coming over a hill. Have seen this in more then the location reported here for Homer, GA

Old Maysville Road

Commerce, GeorgiaApr 12, 20100 Comments

Coming out of town the speed limit is 35 and there are houses close to the road. After you pass Industrial Parkway, it opens up and there are no more houses so the natural impulse is to speed up to 45-50 since that is what the speed limit should be…nevertheless it stays 35 and there the predators hide and wait for people to extort money from. No…I have not been given a ticket, but I work near their “patch” and see it almost daily- sometimes 2 or even 3 are present…on a stretch of road that has not had an accident until they caused one by distracting a driver. They would probably whine and say the DOT sets the speed limits and they are obligated to enforce them…but anyone should know they are just out there making easy money.

Downtown Commerce

Commerce, GeorgiaApr 09, 20100 Comments

The speed starts out at 45 as you enter downtown, then drops to 25 (near Cherokee Hydraulics‎) and just a few maybe 150 later it’s back up to 35. The police sit up by farmers furniture with radar pointed downtown. My husband got tagged for being 16 miles over supposedly, he had turned left on Elm. after coming off state street, in that distance where the officer said he clocked him I don’t think he could have gotten to 41 mph. Not in our old dodge van. Not in the 50 or 60 feet before the limit changes. Also, Commerce police are notorious for pulling people over for lights out. I work in the auto parts business and hear on a daily basis people complaining about being pulled over and ticketed for a light out. Then asking to search your vehicle. I follow the advice of my favorite attorney, not unless you have a court order. My car is an extention of my home.

Interstate 85 near State Route 98

Commerce, GeorgiaJul 15, 20070 Comments

Commerce has just recently begun heavy speed enforcement on a 3.5 mile stretch of I-85, which is now considered to fall within their city limits. I have seen them sitting in the median just before where the city limit signs are if you are coming from either direction (usually at night). This cannot be legal because the "speed checked by detection devices" sign is slightly further down the road, and, if I am correct, the police must be at least 500 feet past this sign before they can record speed.

State Route 98 near US Highway 441/Veterans Memorial Pkwy

Commerce, GeorgiaJul 15, 20070 Comments

The Commerce bypass (Veterans Parkway) is a four-lane divided highway with three red lights and an incredibly unfair speed limit of 55, which is especially hard to follow on the straightaway. Look out for Commerce Police, who drive both Crown Vics and Impalas.

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