Crawfordville, Georgia Speed Traps

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I-20 Crawfordville GA Hwy 278 area -Taliferro Cty

Crawfordville, GeorgiaAug 23, 20120 Comments

I have been traveling this interstate for 10+ years. We have always noticed that the few miles of I-20 that pass thru this poor rual county ALWAYS has local county Sheriff cars parked on the overpass or hidden halfway up the entrance ramp – unless they are already parked on the side of the road writing out a ticket. I know several people who have been ticketed for going 87 and 89 on I-20 which has a speed limit of 70. Mosy all other counties don’t bother unless you are exceeding 90MPH. You can be sure that Taliferro will write you a ticket – do not expect a warning or any mercy. The demographics of this county show Crawfordville has a population of 575 people and the city limits are 3 square miles. This county probably funds its entire budget by writing tickets on I-20. If you go to traffic court at the Taliferro Courthouse – you will see that there is no where to get a cup of coffee – the entire downtown is shut down and store fronts are abandonded. It is so quiet – it is eerie. The traffic court Judge is surprisingly very personable and friendly – and reasonable if you don’t have a poor driving record. Overall – the speedtrap and mission statement of this area are very easy to see if you travel this area regularly.

I-20 at 148 near Crawfordville

Crawfordville, GeorgiaApr 12, 20100 Comments

State patrol sits on an overpass with radar. Cars usually pulled over by their partner/s a mile or two down the road in one of the most extreme bends in I20 to be found. When you round the bend and fail to "move over" as is the law the requires a Taliaferro County deputy crosses the median to pounce on you and write you a $1000 ticket. He gives you this apologetic line telling you he’ll have a talk with the kindly Judge and she will reduce the fine. You call the Judge where you are insulted and are supposed to be relieved it is only $300 instead.

On Interstate 20, at Exit 148.

Crawfordville, GeorgiaApr 01, 20100 Comments

Crawfordville sheriff sits on the overpass at exit 148 and uses Laser to catch speeding motorists. I have traveled this stretch of road for the last 5 years and they are routinely out trapping motorists up to 5 miles on each side of Exit 148. Use extreme caution through here. Best to slow down to 70 MPH and take your time through here.

State Rte 22 & I- 20

Crawfordville, GeorgiaJun 10, 20090 Comments

A laser gunner vehicle usually sits on the State Rte 22 overpass clocking unsuspecting I-20 motorist. Once clocked, the gunner vehicle radios the description of the speeding vehicle to a chase car which will then race to pull said speeder and issue the citation. This takes place any time day or night, well into the early hours of the morning (2-3 a.m.).

Interstate I-20 Crawfordville, GA near Taliaferro County

Crawfordville, GeorgiaFeb 25, 20060 Comments

Between Atlanta and Augusta,(on I-20 East)is a county, which you will see marked along the highway, as Taliaferro County (pronounced "TAHL-over"). The county seat is Crawfordville, Georgia. County police, not Georgia State Patrol, lurk all along I-20 (at most hours)during the time you are driving through this county. They lurk on overpasses (in brown cars), and along entrance and exit ramps going in both directions, east and west. I have seen them on all recent trips from Atlanta to Augusta and back. I was stopped while traveling in a large group of vehicles, and possibly because I was the only one that slowed down when I saw behind me the flashing blue lights approaching the group of cars. I pulled over as the others sped on. The officer asked for my license and I released my seatbelt to get to my wallet. He then said, "You are not wearing your belt." I explained why, and he said it would be his word against mine in court, and that he would win for sure. I felt that was a bit strange and rude, which led me to believe he really would have chosen any car in the group and blamed it on them.He did have a "superior" attitude. In all fairness I was going over the limit, and so were all the other cars in my "pod". He said he used Laser to catch me. Beware of this long stretch of I-20 East of Atlanta. State patrol is out on I-20 a lot, but these county cops are ALWAYS out!

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