Crisp County, Georgia Speed Traps

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Cordele georgia

Crisp County, GeorgiaApr 09, 20140 Comments

The cop stopped me saying I was going 85 in a 70 mph zone. First and foremost I knew they would be stopping people because my girlfriend went thru the same spot and got a ticket 84 in a 70mph zone. When I saw the black unmarked truck up the road by the billboard I mad sure I was going slow enough to where I wouldn’t get accused of speeding, then a cop came up on me after I notice them on the bridge. Im not sure why they made me get out of the car.

Crisp County

Crisp County, GeorgiaJan 30, 20121 Comments

I was being passed by many cars, and yet, I got pulled over and cited for going 85. My first speeding ticket in 25 plus years. I was going slower then traffic and certainly much slower then 80. I’ll pay the $180, but I’ll be damned if I’ll spend another dime in Georgia. By the way I’m retired and travel about 12 weeks a year. I’ve spent many nights in Georgia, but now will take other routes south. This ticket will cost Georgia thousands of dollars in my business and already a friend has decided to reroute his trip south to avoid Georgia. This makes Georgia a very business unfriendly state.

I 75 North & South in Crisp County

Crisp County, GeorgiaDec 31, 20102 Comments

Crisp County a small rural county has a “Traffic Unit” that constantly works I-75. Currently there is a “construction zone” that has three open lanes and no construction activity on site, but cars are routinely pulled over and ticketed in this “zone.” Beware and drive at least 5 MPH under the speed limit in Crisp County. If you can avoid it don’t spend any tourist or traffic money in Crisp County.

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