Dillard, Georgia Speed Traps

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US 23 US 441 (Main Street) Dillard and Mountain City, GA

Dillard, GeorgiaJan 19, 20161 Comments

Dillard is about 5 miles south of the Georgia and North Carolina state lines. Dillard and Mountain City is about 7 miles south of Dillard going toward Clayton, GA. Both of the towns are as they say “a wide place in the road” with no traffic lights. Watch out as the speed limit quickly goes from 55 mph to 30 mph, both towns have some fancy police cars with some of them happy ticket writing cops!

Entire length of city on US441/US23

Dillard, GeorgiaFeb 17, 20151 Comments

The speed limit through the city drops quickly to 45 and to 35 for a small portion of the drive through the city. A police car with subtle markings usually sits along the route somewhere just waiting to stop a speeder – which they do often.

441 South to Clayton

Dillard, GeorgiaOct 19, 20102 Comments

This whole little stretch is a speed trap. Speed limits change from 55, to 45. to 40, without rhyme or reason. This is a town which is little more than a restaurant, a snotty prep school, and collection of antique stores- thats about it- but they have to pay their police dept.- the way they accomplish this is by harrassing motorist traveling through. Even the slightest infraction gets you pulled over – and possibly your car impounded (I wonder what the relationship is with the local towing company). Anyway – the main target is tourists (gotta get that out of state money coming in) by selling crappy antiques or writing tickets – here they prefer both. I will never do business with any merchant in this hovel of a town. The police here have nothing else to do. They exist to write tickets. But when they get board they do occasionally see who has the fastest car by racing to Clayton and back.

Between Dillard and Sky Valley

Dillard, GeorgiaSep 20, 20101 Comments

This is a mountain road where Dillard police hide in several locations. Sky Valley can not run radar because of the short line of site. They will guess your speed and will not hesitate to issue you a ticket. The city lines are marked incorrectly. So it’s best to not speed or be very watchful for the 4 mile stretch. Past Sky Valley you will be in NC and they will do about anything up there.
The road goes on to Highlands, NC and is very dangerious in places.

U.S. Highway 441 and State Highway 246

Dillard, GeorgiaJan 03, 20101 Comments

This is a three officer dept. which does not provide 24/ 7 police protection which is a requirement for operating speed detection devices in GA. The officers drive units which are not legally marked patrol vehicle as required by GA law. On Hwy. 441, watch for them hiding behind bushes and signs or blending in with other parked vehicles in parking lots. On Hwy. 246, watch for them to be hiding off the side of the highway under the RV park sign. They are legal there but just barely visible. Officers have been told they can hide the car as long as the officer with a handheld device is visible. This is not correct at all but it is in practice in Dillard. Latinos beware. You are easy prey and they will stop you without cause because of your race.

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