Peachtree City, Georgia Speed Traps

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Any school zone during specified hours

Peachtree City, GeorgiaMay 21, 20100 Comments

Know what time of day it is in any school zones anywhere in PTC. Patrol cars are ALWAYS in the school zones either sitting in the medians or riding by. This is actually good for the kids. But just beware of the school zone time for reduced speed and you will be OK.

Holly Grove Road

Peachtree City, GeorgiaNov 07, 20090 Comments

The Police vehicle travels on the road to ensure that drivers are adhering to the 30 MPH speed limit on this short street that passes Wilshire Estates and the Wilshire Shopping Center. Speed limit of 30 MPH is posted at the beginning and the end of the street.

S. Peachtree Parkway

Peachtree City, GeorgiaApr 04, 20090 Comments

This is a hot spot. However, it is a hot spot for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office within the City limits. They sit in the very wide median and catch people going in both directions on the very wide 4 lane road. PTC Police generally leave this area alone. If you are caught here, it is by FCSD not PTCPD. The road is well marked 40, but very easy to think interstate" speeds. Be careful; speeding is easy and they do get you."

State Highway Highway 54 near Planterra Way Street

Peachtree City, GeorgiaSep 05, 20082 Comments

Police drive around this area to catch speeders coming into Peachtree City from the west. Will give tickets for going through yellow lights and seat belt violations too.

Kelly Drive near Huddleston Elementary

Peachtree City, GeorgiaFeb 17, 20080 Comments

Cop will drive up and down the road just after the posted time for the school hours speed limit (25) expires in the afternoon. I was travelling 35 in a 30 zone out of the school zone and AFTER the school hours ended and was given a ticket for 45 MPH. I asked to see the radar and he said he didn’t use it, but it LOOKED like I was going 45. In addition he wrote it as violation of the school hours speed limit, although it was after the posted time on the signs. That doubled the ticket. If you’ve ever driven in PTC, you know exactly which cop would do that. Peachtree City is well known for giving out falsified tickets and there is absolutely no chance of fighting it in their corrupt courts.

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