Peachtree City, Georgia Speed Traps

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State Highway Hwy 74 near Gilroys Hardware

Peachtree City, GeorgiaDec 08, 20070 Comments

This speed trap has been in place off and on for years. In front of Gilroys Hardware they will have a police unit on the shoulder of the road. A car/van will be turning into Gilroys and due to the high traffic volume it takes them a while. During this time the officer will stand in the road and direct traffic to go around the right side of the turning vehicle. As the traffic comes around the vehicle another officer will tell them to pull over to the shoulder. Once they have between 5-7 cars pulled over they will write 150.00 tickets for passing on the right which is illegal. They have been cited for this speed trap in the past when complaintants brought it to the attention of the states attorney general. But they keep bringing it back.

Rockaway Road near State Route 74

Peachtree City, GeorgiaApr 20, 20070 Comments

Rockaway Road leading from Senoia, Ga into Peachtree City
where one crosses over a bridge into Fayette County. The speed limit is 35. If there is not a game on, like 90% of the time, I creep along at 35 and people have honked and sped around me going 50. Speed limit too low for 90% of the time for that road.

State Highway 54

Peachtree City, GeorgiaAug 08, 20060 Comments

Speed limits change frequently.

If you have dealer tags from purchasing a new car, you are pulled over and asked for proof of insurance. By law you have 20 days to switch your insurance from the old vehicle to the new vehicle. They still will give you a ticket even if you show your proof of insurance for the old vehicle, because you didn’t provide proof of insurance for the new vehicle when they pulled you over.

They also had a "fake" left turn lane before the entrance to Walmart. At the end of the "fake" turn lane they had painted the striped yellow lines that you are not supposed to cross. About 15 feet beyond the striped yellow lines, they had the "real" left turn lane for Walmart. If you happened to get in the "fake" left turn lane, they gave you a ticket for crossing the striped yellow lines.

All area of Peachtree City

Peachtree City, GeorgiaJun 01, 20001 Comments

Peachtree City on Hwy 74 South of Atlanta is a fairly bad trap. They have recently reequipped all their cars with instant on K band radar, so it can be hard to know they are there on the more wide open roads until you’re right on top of them. On the more twisty 2 and 4 lanes within the city limits, they don’t use the instant on, as they don’t know you’re coming any more than you know they are there.

Speed limits here are set lower than most surrounding areas. Places to watch for: 1. Peachtree Parkway North of Hwy 54 – About half this road used to be 45 mph, a developer petitioned the city to drop it to 35. The police love to patrol this road, as it handles most of the towns traffic that isn’t on the state highways.

2. Peachtree Parkway South of Hwy 54- The road divides to 4 lanes here, but the speed limit only gets bumped to 40mph. Once again, watch for the cops on here, there are numerous places for them to sit on this secion of the parkway.

3. Hwy 54 near Lake Peachtree- This passes right by the police station. As a result, there is always a high risk of seeing the cops here. The speed limit here is 45mph, should be 55 (no one drives 45 on this road). As soon as you get out of town in either direction, the speed limit jumps back up to 55.

4. Hwy 74 South of Hwy 54 – This is the worst abuse I can think of on the state highways through this town. The speed limit drops from 55, to 50, to 40, then goes back up to 45, down to 40, up to 45 then back up to 55 within the span of about 3 miles. I see cars pulled over on this strech of road daily, no doubt from the confusion of what the speed limit is. There are a ton of semis on this road at times due to the industral areas off of the road, which makes reading the speed limit signs hard to read sometimes.

I have personally filed complaints to the state about their methods of setting speed limits, but nothing has seem to come of it. Stay tuned.

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