Pooler, Georgia Speed Traps

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Old Louisville Road, Pooler (at the end close to Highway 80)

Pooler, GeorgiaJul 12, 20190 Comments

The biggest speed trap in Pooler! Patrol SUVs are regularly hidden alongside the wooded areas close to the highway 80 end of this route used by many commuters as a shortcut. Supposedly, thru traffic is prohibited here. Caution: The speed limit is only 20mph on this entire stretch and you will be pulled over if only going a few miles over the limit. This trap is a big revenue generator for the city, but you wouldn’t know it by the roadbed: it’s a bumpy mess, riddled with potholes, uneven and sunken pavement, and other large cracks.

Coming out of Pooler Going North to Catch I-95S

Pooler, GeorgiaSep 05, 20110 Comments

I got on the ramp out of Pooler and the sign stated I-95 but I was going North and needed to go South to Richmond Hill. There was no sign stating the speed limit so I was thinking this is I-95 so I was traveling 64mph. When I turned around to go the opposite direction, I then saw a Speed sign stating 50mph so I slowed down. Apparently, not fast enough for there was a cop waiting to get me. There is something wrong with the signs pointing a person to go North I-95 when you want to go South. Am I the only one caught and is there any hope of fighting this even if I took pictures?

Jimmy DeLoach Pkwy approaching I-95

Pooler, GeorgiaMar 05, 20103 Comments

Jimmy DeLoach is a 4 lane divided road that has 1 light at Benton Blvd and 2 subdivisions. Between Benton Blvd and I-95, GSP and DOT vehicles are always hanging out because the speed limit is 45 when it should be 55 mph. It stays 45 past I-95 for about 5 mi all the way to Hwy 21. Thats right 4 lane hwy–45 mph…rediculous

Interstate 16 near Pooler Parkway

Pooler, GeorgiaMay 01, 20080 Comments

City of Pooler has started doing lots of speed enforcement on I-16. I have always noticed there city limit signs on the interstate, but did not begin regularly seeing them on 16 until this week. Speed limit is 65 mph.

Pooler Parkway near Pooler Parkway

Pooler, GeorgiaNov 03, 20061 Comments

Heavy Ka band radar at all times of day. 4-lane broad-median divided highway with very few intersections with designated limits of 45 to 50 mph. Extremely high level of enforcement at all hours. Heavily traveled but never congested – main road that leads directly out of/into Savannah Int’l Airport (SAV).

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