Poulan, Georgia Speed Traps

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Poulan GA

Poulan, GeorgiaMay 27, 20140 Comments

This town has no reason to have the 55 speed limit. 82 is on the outskirts of town there are no stop signs or traffic lights on 82. They receive allot of the money with those tickets. That have built a new Police dept & and a fire Station I know because I live here. And it is true if it was truly a safety issue they would not be hiding so you could not see them until you get right up on them. They would be visible so that traffic would see them and slow down Folks it’s all about the revenue!!!

1 mile east of Sylvester, Georgia

Poulan, GeorgiaMay 05, 20140 Comments

Officer usually sits in the median

On highway 82

Poulan, GeorgiaMay 26, 20130 Comments

Some times when they are not sitting in their speed trap nest, the Poulan police department has all four lanes of highway 82 blocked. In both the east and west bound lanes. Claiming that they have the right to block traffic when ever they want to. Even though this highway is a major thrufair. And has no traffic lights and or stop signs on this highway thru here. The Worth county sheriff’s deputies have even helped them out when this has happened.

Hwy 82

Poulan, GeorgiaApr 23, 20120 Comments

Police sit in the median of Hwy 82 and wait for cars coming over the rise in the road. The speed limit used to be 45. Someone must have challenged a ticket because the limit got raised to 55. Police cars are still waiting.

Highway 82

Poulan, GeorgiaJun 14, 20101 Comments

Trap is in the bottom on Highway 82. They do not give you a break and fines are high!

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