Sardis, Georgia Speed Traps

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State Hwy 24 as you enter Sardis

Sardis, GeorgiaMar 31, 20130 Comments

Speed limit goes from 55 to 45 to 35 quickly. Look for him writing tickets as you enter town. In addition, he likes to add on window tint violations (even for factory tinted glass that is standard equipment on vehicles, even though Georgia statute exempts factory tinted glass that complies with federal regulations. However, it becomes a pain because you have to show up in court to challenge window tint citation).

Look for the 25mph Sign Hidden by the Magnolia Tree

Sardis, GeorgiaFeb 16, 20100 Comments

The speed limit on State Route 116 (Chestnut Grove Rd.) is 55 mph and then drops to a 25mph speed limit through Sardis.

State Highway 24 near State Highway 23

Sardis, GeorgiaAug 08, 20080 Comments

All areas within the city limits, especially on the mentioned state highways, have excessive enforcement including rigid speed enforcement. (on Hwy 23 the 25mph sign is obscured by an evergreen magnolia tree. Passing on a bridge that has never existed, loud radios, etc carry $350 tickets. The only traffic light in the town has been changed to keep the hwy 24 traffic moving through the middle of town as to increase chances of motorists not realizing they’re speeding before it’s too late. Traps are usually in the ditches near the city limit signs.

State Route 24 near from red light

Sardis, GeorgiaApr 24, 20080 Comments

When leaving Sardis at the red light you go from 25mph to 35mph and you are out of town at the top of hill. Going toward Waynesboro at this point there are no street lights and at night one would think that you have left the city and entering a 55mph zone. Ahead of you is nothing but wide open country. What makes this a speed trap is that about 3/4 mile for this hill is a school district. In off hours the speed limit is 55, in school time it is 45. App. a 3/4 mile before the school is the end of this small town and a 35 mph limit. When you get to the 35mph sign and start down the hill is is normal to think you are out of town and hit the speed control resume button. At this point at night you can not see the school. Don’t resume because the hill will have you traveling 62mph in short order and you will find a cop at the bottom of the hill waiting. I got a ticket at 9:45pm on a Sunday night. You could have taken a nap in the middle of the highway. There was no traffic yet you would think I was drag racing going down the hill. This is a set up for small town revenue.

State Highway 24 near Cemetary Road

Sardis, GeorgiaJun 24, 20040 Comments

This is very small town in rural Georgia. It has one traffic light and few stores. The police officer is posted
at top of hill coming into town with his radar. I was stopped on a Sunday morning at 1055am. The same officer was
posted at same location that evening at 730pm. The speed limit on state road is 55mph and drops to 25mph through Sardis.

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