Stapleton, Georgia Speed Traps

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Stapleton, Georgia

Stapleton, GeorgiaDec 07, 20160 Comments

Didn’t even see the speed limit sign. I had my car on cruise control, because I had just received a speeding ticket, 20 minutes earlier in another town, that makes it’s money on ” out of towners”. So, I set my cruise control, because I didn’t want another ticket.

The cop, pulls me over, and I explained that I had just received a ticket, and that I had my cruise control set, so I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I was hit, wit a $230 ticket!!!

I will never travel through that town again. I received two traffic tickets in the course of 20 minutes in the “Jefferson County ” area. I was super happy, to get away from that area. I scammed me out of $500 worth of free money, for bogus traffic tickets!

Southern approach to Stapleton Ga on highway 296

Stapleton, GeorgiaAug 19, 20160 Comments

As you approach Stapleton from the south on highway 296 the 35 mph sign is partly blocked by vegetation growing on the right side, by the time you notice there is is a speed sign, the cop has you because you cant decelerate quickly enough. He parks on the opposite side of the road and hits you with the radar just as you see the sign. He parks about 1001 feet from the sign so beware! Stapleton makes their Police department budget by stopping unsuspecting travelers! Stapleton is a Speed Trap!

State Highway 88 near City Limit

Stapleton, GeorgiaJul 14, 20073 Comments

This is a one flashing light city and anything over 35 MPH will get you stopped. The highway is 55 outside the city limits.

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