State Highway 88 near City Limit

Stapleton, GeorgiaJul 14, 20073 Comments

This is a one flashing light city and anything over 35 MPH will get you stopped. The highway is 55 outside the city limits.

The whole town is a trap. The town is broke and they will let the cop write tickets for anything to get money. A speeding ticket starts at $400 - if you get stopped you will get a ticket.
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Stapletons mayor should just set up a road block and make every one pay that wants to come thru town half their revenue comes froms fines
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While passing through this sleepy little town on hwy 296, a blue light appeared out of nowhere right at the city's 35 mph sign. I was driving at a safe speed and slowing for the sign. No questions asked, cop simply wrote ticket and moved on to stop somebody else. The ticket was for an outrageous amount. I now plan to stay away from Stapleton for sure.
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