Warner Robins, Georgia Speed Traps

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Russell Parkway, just west of Houston Lake Road

Warner Robins, GeorgiaJan 21, 20200 Comments

If you are heading east on Russell Parkway heading toward Houston Lake Road, it’s common to see a police car posted right where the hill crests between Red Fox Run and Houston Lake Road. The car is typically facing east to catch drivers who are transitioning from 55 mph to 45 mph. Beware.

New Hwy 96 between Moody and Old Hawkinsville Rd

Warner Robins, GeorgiaJul 15, 20190 Comments

The 4-lane divided highway section of GA Highway 96 between Moody Road and Old Hawkinsville Road is constantly humming with Houston County police presence. The speed limit is 55mph in town, but drops to 45mph at Moody Rd as you leave. (It is also 55mph on the highway before it expands from two to four lanes, dropping to 45mph.) There is a particular place where police sit in a shaded spot off the road and are difficult to see from a distance. They use LIDAR to hit people coming around the previous corner and will ticket anyone going 15mph+ over the speed limit. I’ve seen as many as 4 Houston County patrol cars continuously pulling over and ticketing people in that area over the course of several hours.

on 247 north, about 30 seconds south of Watson Blvd.

Warner Robins, GeorgiaApr 23, 20160 Comments

There’s a state trooper on the right side of the road tucked away behind some bushes. The speed limit decreases to 45 at this spot. Since it is a wide highway it is very easy to go faster than this without realizing it.

I’ve seen the fella there several times. He drives one of those black chargers that are tinted heavily. When you are driving north on 247, the spot where he hides is about 30 seconds before you reach Watson Blvd.

Beulah st right turn onto Lake Joy North

Warner Robins, GeorgiaFeb 23, 20160 Comments

Its a short side street stop sign where nearly everyone turns right. The street is used to avoid an extremely busy traffic light on Hwy 96. The Houston Co Sherrif deputy said he had watched that stop sign all day and several people failed to stop completely. He was southbound a quarter mile away and couldn’t possibly have seen whether you stopped a few feet before the stop sign or not. Its unlikely anyone could make the right turn over 3 miles an hour but the Houston Co Sherrif must need money. Its the first time in his 44 yrs as sheriff that he’s reduced himself to this pettiness. I know because I’ve lived here since he was elected. Apparently he’s reduced himself to the misery we all suffer from bureaucrats.

Lake Joy road Near Lake Joy primary school

Warner Robins, GeorgiaSep 24, 20130 Comments

The street traffic is light most of the time. The school zone speed limit is 30mph during a period of time, but the normal speed is 40 and people can easily drive over 50. Patrol car usually wait there at the end of the month and pull in cars that only drive at 40 mph. Many people fell for this even though they only drive at 40-43 mph.

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