Caldwell, Idaho Speed Traps

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Sand Hollow Road

Caldwell, IdahoMar 23, 20180 Comments

Sand Hollow Road from both ends is strictly enforced! Go 50, not 55. Speed limit drops with no warning after passing the Sand Hollow County Cafe. Payette County Sheriff (and occasionally ISP) is on this road hiding in different areas 24/7. They’ll sit in different areas including, but definitely not limited to: driveways, intersecting roads, and hidden roads that split out onto the main road shooting their radar. I’ve been ticketed on this road for 55 and they will nail for you for anything between 50-55 as well. Staying on I-84 and avoiding this road is your better option so you don’t run this risk.

Montana & Alder near Syringa MS & Washington Elementary

Caldwell, IdahoMar 09, 20150 Comments

Cop sits in the lot near cherry during school hours. Uses radar. Asks if you know posted speed limit. It is posted as 30. Officer agreed to this. Then said it is a school zone and is only 20 when children are present. No children present, in view, officer agreed to that too. Got a ticket for exceeding the posted limit of 20…posted limit is 30 and officer agreed with that…and I was actually going under the agreed upon posted speed limit. Officer lied about the posted limit so my fine would not be doubled. As if that is a benefit. $90 ticket regardless.

Just north of Caldwell on Interstate 84.

Caldwell, IdahoSep 06, 20140 Comments

City police are hovering around the north end of town where speed limit drops from 80 to 65 mph. They are targeting out of state plates in my opinion as I was passed by two Idaho plates and then was pulled over by a City cop Who claimed not to see the others… Another out of state plate was stopped in the same area when I was.

1 block west of intersection of 10th Ave and Cleveland Blvd

Caldwell, IdahoFeb 15, 20111 Comments

The speed limit on 10th Avenue, going northbound is 35. When you turn the corner onto Cleveland Blvd heading east, the limit is 25 for only 1 or 2 blocks, then it goes to 35. The police set in the parking lot of the insurance agency where it turns to 35, operate radar, and write numerous tickets there. The limit should be changed to 35 in that short stretch, as the police just use it to write tickets when they could be doing something much more productive.

Canyon County – Hwy 55 – Sunnyslope to Marsing

Caldwell, IdahoOct 04, 20101 Comments

Hwy 55 from the Huston Corner all the way down to Marsing bridge. Both Canyon County and ISP trap both directions. Sometimes they hide down off Lowell by Symms Fruit Ranch, sometimes where the road dips before highway becomes two lane road by Lizard Butte. I’ve seen a Canyon Co. guy at the Huston Post Office using radar gun on north bound Hwy 55 traffic – just as you come up the hill around the corner he can get you. Watch for the tan, grey and white unmarked cars. I’ve seen motorycle cops, marked cars for both ISP and Canyon County, and unmarked. That whole stretch gets worked alot so be careful.

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