Channahon, Illinois Speed Traps

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I-55 South, Between I-80 (exit 250) and Route 6 (exit 248)

Channahon, IllinoisJun 16, 20140 Comments

Speed signs posted for 55 MPH. If over the limit at the RR bridge, the state patrol is sitting on the other side. This is to reduce major accidents at same location in 2013.

Hansel Rd., from Bell Rd. to Ridge Road

Channahon, IllinoisNov 14, 20120 Comments

Hansel Rd. is a country road that goes through corn fields just north of Rt. 6. The speed limit is 25 mph but it is tempting to speed as it seems no one is around. They patrol the road all times of the day and even sometimes have a bicycle cop with a radar gun and squad cars behind the corn and trees waiting to hand out tickets.

Route 6 just east of I-55 at Pilot station

Channahon, IllinoisSep 30, 20110 Comments

Not a speed trap but there is a small sign for semi tractor trailers that says no left turns at the Pilots station exit. I see semis there quite a bit with a squad car behind them after going left. Those drivers unfamiliar with the area are most likely looking for traffic left and right and miss the small sign.

Ridge Road & Route 6

Channahon, IllinoisJun 02, 20100 Comments

I was coming westbound on Route 6, turning north onto Ridge Rd. A cop pulled me over. When he asked I knew why, I said I had no idea. Get this…I was doing 5 UNDER the speed limit. He was just looking for something to pull me over for. It was about 2am so I’m SURE he was hoping for a DUI out of it. But no such luck. Plates good, insurance good, driver good. He was disappointed. Be very careful in Channahon/Minooka.

Interstate I-55 near US Highway Rte 6

Channahon, IllinoisJun 28, 20080 Comments

As you are Nothbound on I-55 after cresting a hill between Bluff Road and Route 6, the trooper is sitting at the bottom of the on ramp from Route 6. Have seen him stop families to sports cars. He is usually in a Gold Unmarked cruiser.

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