Chicago, Illinois Speed Traps

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Police checkpoint. On foot pulling over cars at stop sign

Chicago, IllinoisMay 22, 20130 Comments

Westbound Grand Ave At Mobile – 1 block east of Narragansett. pack of cops around corner while one stands in street looking for using phone, no seatbelt or old license. Etc

Madison Street between Loomis and Bishop

Chicago, IllinoisNov 18, 20110 Comments

In the area East of the United Center on Madison Street they are running traps in the cross walks. At night the police car waits on Loomis, south of the intersection with Madison, while they have two black men dressed in black, one on the N. corner sidewalk of Madison and Loomis and one standing on the median sidewalk. As cars go by a police car or two rushes out around the corner onto Madison and stops 3-4 cars at a time for violating the crosswalk; even though there is no one actually in the cross walk.

Clybourn, North of Diversey

Chicago, IllinoisSep 14, 20111 Comments

A marked police car waits on sidestreets between Diversey and Belmont to catch people not completely stopping at stop signs. I got a ticket, went to court and the entire room was filled with people not completely stopping by one officer in that 2-3 block radius. Clybourn is not a busy street, and very residential so especially at night you may get lazy and not completely stop.

Diversey in between Kildare and Pulaski

Chicago, IllinoisSep 05, 20111 Comments

Between Kildare and Pulaski on Diversey, there is a long stretch of road that crosses underneath the Metra tracks above. The speed limit, like most Chicago streets, is 30. Most exceed 45 or 50. There is a bike lane on the right, and if there are no bicycles, cars will pass slower-moving cars in the bike lane. Easy money for Chicago cops sitting nearby watching. I work adjacent to this stretch of road and have seen many cars be pulled over.

57th Street south bound until 60th street

Chicago, IllinoisSep 03, 20111 Comments

Getting on RT41 Southbound at the Musuem of Science and Industries. When you make that right hand turn to go South at the light of RT41, there is NO SPEED SIGN for four blocks. There is a series of twists that last for two blocks than a straight away. When you hit the last turn (which is a right hand curve) there is still no sign posted. Two blocks ahead there is a spot that CP sits, with a stationary radar. This location is 3/4 block from the first speed sing and it reads 35mph. Now you’re caught! Illinois law states "The following speed limits apply, unless otherwise posted"- Most other highways and rural areas-55mph. Obay the law and you’re 20mph over the posted speed, which is one mile from 57th street.

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