Chicago, Illinois Speed Traps

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SB Kedzie at Belmont

Chicago, IllinoisJul 06, 20112 Comments

There’s a stoplight and a camera there but the stoplight does not have the countdown numbers so it’s hard to know when you are crossing Belmont in the timing of the light change. I got a ticket there. I went back and took photos and measured the timing of the caution sign (the yellow before the light change) and even with all that the “judge” still made me pay. I avoided that intersection for a long time. I think the ones with the numbers are so much safer and fairer.

Illinois and Columbus/Fairbanks

Chicago, IllinoisJul 06, 20110 Comments

This seems to be a very short yellow light, and I’m wondering if that’s why there have been such severe accidents at this corner. I was going 20 to 25 MPH with no traffic around, the light changed to yellow and before I was able to stop the light was red. So I had to just honk and continue through. I got a ticket in the mail for $100.00, with pictures showing the light being red before I got to the light and as I was going through. My reflexes were not off – there was just no way to stop in time. I think this should be looked into.

Central & Irving Park

Chicago, IllinoisMar 17, 20111 Comments

It’s a no turn 7am-7pm with a camera. I turned at 5am and got ticketed. I went to contest it and they told me not to, I wouldn’t win because I didn’t make a complete stop. It’s way to trick people into given them our hard earned money.

Hangar rd…just adjacent the O’Hare airport

Chicago, IllinoisJan 04, 20110 Comments

This is a wide (2 lane each way) rd right next to Ohare airport. The speed limit for some unknown reason is only 25 mph but the road can easily accommodate 45 mph. Not surprisingly most drivers drive at least 45. Knowing this, the police issue many tickets each day. Sometimes they will literally stand on the side of the road and wave over several cars at a time. The sad thing is most of the drivers are OHare employees just getting off work. It is quite immoral. I’ve tried to get the city to raise the limit to a more realistic number but they refuse, probably because they realize all the revenue being generated.

Fullerton and Kedzie

Chicago, IllinoisDec 30, 20100 Comments

Newly posted "Left on Arrow Only" signs on Kedzie Avenue have snagged tickets for a few of my friends. DO NOT turn unless the arrow signal is on! Left turn yield on green is still OK on Fullerton, no cameras……. yet.

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