Hanover Park, Illinois Speed Traps

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Speed Trap – Ontarioville, County Farm Road – Watch Out!

Hanover Park, IllinoisJun 19, 20160 Comments

Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky … the HP police are hidden in the cut – they claim to be using a radar, they are ready to swarm in on you (unexpectedly), you wonder to yourself, “where did they come from.” They’re like bees, buzzing in your ear. The officer game me two stupid traffic violation tickets! That going to cause me to miss a whole day off work (without pay.) They got me this time – only, because I am new to the neighborhood and the surroundings area. They will never get me again! I always follow all the rules and I never ever drive dirty…I have a sparkling clean driving record.

I had just pulled out my garage by 5 minutes and was about only 3 minutes down the street from my home! I sat in my garage debating if I wanted to go out that day – something kept telling me, ‘not to drive today’ – I ignored the several warnings in my head. Sure enough, while driving – I had no idea that the mph changes per block Beginning on Country Farm Rd to Lake Street – 40mph to 30 mph then back to 40mph then back to 30mph all in one long stretch on Country Farm Road in Hanover Park/Bartlett! Please be extra careful, the policemen are super hungry and thirsty to ticket the innocent mostly, I believe that they are bored in their jobs and have to meet their monthly ticket quota! They totally ruined my Birthday Day.

I am sicken of their sneakiness and how they beat the innocent drivers out of their little hard earned money for no reason – when there is so much more “real” criminal activity that they should be focusing on. Instead of making extra dirty sneaky money for the City, that they do not deserve.

I was told by an ex-cop friend of mine -that each policeman is required and told by their commanding officers that they must write at minimum of 150, tickets per month. In other words, in order to be able to feed their families, this is a requirement. I can barely feed my own family, why would I want to help feed theirs?

And, people wonder why there is so much hatred and crime to racist and cruel police officers in this world today. I definitely understand their hatred. May God have Mercy on their Souls. I strongly dislike all police officers, particularly the dirty racist ones, Hanover Park, Rolling Meadows and Scaumburg especially, by far the worst!

Church Street, Community Center Parking Lot next to big hill

Hanover Park, IllinoisApr 06, 20110 Comments

Especially at night because it is harder to notice them but the cops will sit in the community center parking lot and speed trap the cars coming down church street off of Route 20 and walnut. They also get you for stop sign violations at both Laural and Walnut because most people do not look at the parking lot when they are coming up to the stop signs. Everyday I see a cop or two sitting in that parking lot.

Laurel Avenue and Church Avenue

Hanover Park, IllinoisJul 12, 20100 Comments

One to two cops will sit in the parking lot of Laurel Hill Elementary and as you are coming down Laurel from Barrington Road you won’t really notice them because they are far enough back that the schools sign blocks them from site and if you are coming from the west to go east on Laurel the housing next to the lot blocks them from view.
This is typically in the mid-afternoon time after school has let out and people are trying to get home. Especially if it is before 3:30 PM since the street Westbound only on school days from 7AM-3:30PM. The speed limit is 20 MPH.

Center and Laurel Avenues

Hanover Park, IllinoisJul 12, 20100 Comments

Cops will sit in the exit of the church on Laurel for speeding, entering the parking lot the wrong way, and illegal u-turns on Laurel. I’ve typically seen between 1-3 cops sitting here at one time.
Laurel is also highly watched because it has two elementary schools on the street.

State Route 20 near Walnut Avenue

Hanover Park, IllinoisDec 19, 20070 Comments

Anyone driving on a weekend – beware! I got pulled over in a road block when I was on my way home from visiting my friend and her new baby at St. Joseph’s Hospital on a Friday night, and I’ve heard they do this all the time because of Cadillac Ranch.

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