Island Lake, Illinois Speed Traps

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Animal Clinic on the right along 176 before Island Foods

Island Lake, IllinoisJun 04, 20101 Comments

cops sits along crest of hill and nails you for doing anything over. cause as soon as you round the bend form doing 35mph on 176 it goes down to 20mph. then they follow you for about a 1/4 mile before flipping the lights and pulling you over. then takes your license on bond.

for me he pulled me over in my friends drive way. and who in the right mind has a 20mph speed limit through ANY neighborhoods

Burnett Rd, Newbury Subdivision, right near River Rd

Island Lake, IllinoisApr 06, 20100 Comments

Cop sits in entrance of Newbury Subdivision and nails cars coming west on Burnett. 25 speed limit, but very hard to do less than 30 on this straightway. Cannot see squad car until its too late

Dowell Rd. Between N. Darrell Rd & S. River Rd.

Island Lake, IllinoisMar 09, 20100 Comments

They sit just west of Neville Rd. on Dowell Rd. There is a small pump station on the north side of Dowell were the new subdivisions are being built. You are On Top of them by the time you see them. Speed limit was Dropped by 10mph 2 years ago. My sister-in-law got a ticket here the week the limit was dropped and they are there All The Time!!

Janet Drive near State Route 176

Island Lake, IllinoisMar 30, 20080 Comments

Squad sits on backside of Janet Drive, completely obscured from traffic in either direction. This location is on the North side of 176, right where the speed changes from 35 to 40. Usually 2pm to 6pm.

Darrell Street near Burnett Street

Island Lake, IllinoisJul 24, 20071 Comments

On Darrell Road North of Burnett. Usually on Friday night the squad sits off the road with no lights on at all in the grass on the Northbound side of the road so they can monitor traffic in both directions. This is usually after 10 PM on a Friday night.

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