Mount Vernon, Illinois Speed Traps

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I-64 East of Mt Vernon

Mount Vernon, IllinoisMay 03, 20030 Comments

East of Mt Vernon, a cop was sitting on a county road overpass (with no on-ramps!) clicking his radar gun. I’m 32 & this is my FIRST speeding ticket because I am always on the lookout for cops. He could not be seen in advance because of trees and a high guard-rail on the bridge. I didn’t see him til I was right underneath him. I also was not expecting a cop there since there is no way he could get on the Interstate from where he was. He radioed ahead to his buddies on the highway. Not more than a mile up the road, I was pulled over by his buddy state trooper. I was in the company of about 4-5 other motorists pulled over by other troopers.

I must say that I was exceeding the 65mph limit even though my personal opinion is that it should be higher.

What really peaves me is that this was a simple money making scheme — pure and simple. It was not about safety (clear skies/road, and a rural, straight, lightly travelled HWY). Plain and simple a cash cow for the IL State Police.

I-57 interchange thru Mt.Vernon on Broadway,Rt. 37 thru Mt. Vernon

Mount Vernon, IllinoisDec 01, 20010 Comments

Car hidden on side streets or behind something

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