Naperville, Illinois Speed Traps

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Naperville Road near Interstate 88

Naperville, IllinoisJul 10, 20040 Comments

The officers sit On Naperville Road Directly UNDER the viaduct where it crosses underneath I-88.

They pull back in the hiding of the Dark cover under the viaduct. Almost impossible to see them hiding here.

They are looking for speeders on NAperville Road, and more specifically Watching the traffic light. Especially for people who make a Right Turn on Red late at night when there is not even another single car around you.

Usuallu really late at night looking for people coming home from Chicago off I-88.

Diehl Road near State Highway 59

Naperville, IllinoisJun 15, 20040 Comments

Cops love to do this stretch in pairs… from 59 to Eola, they’ll have one cop car at either end… it is a 2 lane road, with no turning off, so if the cop gets you at the entry, suffice it to say you are screwed. Note that this is enforced even harder with the widening of this road in 2004.

State Route 59 near 87th Street

Naperville, IllinoisJun 04, 20040 Comments

This is between 87th Street and Cantore by the Jewel. If you are going south on 59 the cop always hides behind the grouping of trees on the right. It is usually at night, however I have seen the cop there during the day. It is quite common during a big holiday for multiple cops to be here. The car is a marked Impala.

Brookdale Lane near Hinterlong Road

Naperville, IllinoisApr 07, 20040 Comments

Hidden behind the trees in the parking lot of St. Thomas Church on Brookdale Road, many cops sit here throughout the day and catch a lot of speeders. The speed limit is 25 MPH, posted clearly and is used for a quicker route from Rt. 59 to River Rd.

Gartner Road near Hemlack Road

Naperville, IllinoisMar 05, 20040 Comments

he always sits near the 509W. Gartner house. they use 2002 honda civic, 2001 white impala, 2000 ford explodson black, black 2002 impala, fully marked crown vic on the side streets on Gartner. so far the silver 2001 – 2002 handa civic i see all the time parked on gartner.

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