Crown Point, Indiana Speed Traps

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south of Route 30 on Colorado Street

Crown Point, IndianaAug 26, 20110 Comments

Leaving route 30 south on Colorado Street after first intersection limit drops from 40 to 30 for no apparent reason..also does the same thing traveling north on Colorado St. from 109th”s made the newspaper.

Randolph St in Winfield

Crown Point, IndianaJun 24, 20110 Comments

County police tends to sit at the entrance of double tree lake estates subdivision. They hide behind subdivision name sign so it is nearly impossible to see them. Also entering from Merrillville speed limit changes from 40 to 30 just before hill.

97th Place between Main St. and Merrillville Road

Crown Point, IndianaJan 29, 20110 Comments

Crown Point Police’s notorious (name has been left out due to rules of this site) has declared his territory on the north side of town at 97th Place: anywhere between Main Street and Merrillville Road ("9 mile".) Known for a nasty attitude, a lazy eye and an eagerness to issue citations for the most minor infractions, he loves to sit anywhere along this stretch. He usually observes traffic here after dark on the nights near the end of the month, the time that the department scurries to meet its ticket quota. He sometimes sits in the parking lot of Eagle Park School on the north side of 97th; he also parks with his lights off on Arthur Place at the stop sign to catch anyone speeding or rolling through the intersection.

If you’re not already familiar with Officer Friendly, you should note that his vehicle is a white, unmarked Chevy Impala (the newer model, not the older) with a visible spotlight on the driver’s side. It also has hugcaps instead of rims (this is crucial because civilians with this model Impala will always have rims,) and a front license plate that says "Taking Care of Business," though sometimes can be switched up with a Chicago Bears plate. If you’re not paying close attention, you’ll wind up face to face with a real menace, and a jerk.

Grant St. (SR 55) near 130th PL.

Crown Point, IndianaJan 29, 20110 Comments

Just as you’re traveling southbound out of Crown Point’s city limits along the "9-mile", there is a new road (130th) on the west side of Grant leading into a brand new subdivision located behind the high school. Although a new trap, you can expect to see Crown Point Police sitting off to the side of Grant with their lights off at night to catch speeders, as well as one or two of them parked on this new road observing traffic on 55. They love sitting on this road on weekdays in the afternoons, sometimes two or three of them, because it connects to the high school parking lot and is a prime spot to catch kids at the end of the school day speeding or blowing stop signs.

101st St. just east of the McDonalds on Broadway.

Crown Point, IndianaDec 20, 20100 Comments

The police sit on the entrance road to the industrial park on the north side of 101st a short distance east of the McDonalds.

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