Martinsville, Indiana Speed Traps

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State Road 37 North of Martinsville

Martinsville, IndianaFeb 13, 20160 Comments

State Road 37 North of Martinsville. Gray unmarked Charger always has people pulled over. People fly by me, then two miles down the road I see them pulled over. The Trooper got me for 74/60. AND DID GIVE ME A TICKET!! I should have gotten a warning (figuring I never been pulled over before)… Anyways, watch this area

On Route 37 about a mile north of Martinsville

Martinsville, IndianaDec 08, 20100 Comments

As you leave Martinsville northbound on Rte 37 there is a small downward hill followed by 1/2 to 3/4 mile of straight stretch (passing the golf course) before reaching a small upward hill. Northbound drivers routinely speed at 70 mph and above (limit 60) and routinely drive in the left (middle) lane regardless of the few or absence cars in the right lane. This is disconcerning to those drivers who elect to drive at the speed limit in the right lane and want to turn left on old 37 who oftentimes must drive above the speed limit to enter the left lane preparing for the left turn. What ever happened to the practice/law that the left lane is only a passing lane?? This has been reported to the police who may begin policing this area soon.

Halfway between Martinsville and Mooresville

Martinsville, IndianaAug 22, 20100 Comments

Monroe County, Mooresville, and small town of Brooklyn P.D. loves to sit in the medium between North and South bound Highway 67. Very dark early in the morning or late at night.
Almost impossible to see them until…it is too late.
They do not have "instant on" radar, so a good detector will help out a bunch.
Just remember, when the state needs more money, the easiest way to get it is to have a traffic writing ticket contest.
The officers down in this area get paid time off for writing the most tickets, so why wouldn’t they play for the top prize? Reason I know is my brother – law is one of these guys. He spills the beans when he drinks a little bit too much.

State Highway 67 near State Route 39 North

Martinsville, IndianaMay 12, 20080 Comments

2 State troopers parked,one in one direction,the other facing the other direction,sitting in a turn around.

State Highway 37 near Burma Road

Martinsville, IndianaApr 26, 20060 Comments

Between Martinsville and Bloomington.
This is about three miles south of the Morgan-Monroe state forest entrance on 37 where the road divides.
I have seen an un-marked bluesh gray ford tarus parked at the south part of where the road divides, and have seen him with several cars pulled over. There is a little place like a gravel sort of lane he backs into and you cannot see him until its to late.
There is also a white un-marked camero that i’ve spotted many times at this same area parked along the side of the road where the road curves. I’ve also seen this same camero several other places with cars and trucks pulled over. Must be his territory.

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