Emporia, Kansas Speed Traps

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East Sixth Ave (Business US Hwy 50) at railroad overpass

Emporia, KansasAug 14, 20130 Comments

Beware eastbound travelers. The speed limit starting at the uphill side of the overpass is 35 mph. The Emporia police hide on the downhill side with radar. It’s easy to pick up speed after topping the overpass and coasting on the downhill side. One can easily pick up an additional 10 mph. The highway continues on out of town and there is no reason whatsoever that the speed limit cannot be increased to 45 mph at the top of the overpass. This speed trap is purely a revenue raising function for a city that is cash hungry. The best advice is to avoid going through town and taking the I-35 bypass around town. Those aware of Emporia’s heavy-handed speed traps know this and, as a result, many businesses in town, especially those on US 50, have died or are dying.

30th Avenue near Prairie Street

Emporia, KansasApr 22, 20080 Comments

They will sit at the corner of Prairie and 30th Ave. With the hills as you are going east on 30th to this intersection you pick up speed easily. I have been stopped there several times.


Highway 99 & Road L Crossing near Road L

Emporia, KansasMar 18, 20080 Comments

This is an intersection, with a carpool parking place. The police & sheriff sit here a lot, & at night you can’t see them untill you are right there. They have even been known to sit in the road, & you almost hit their car before they can be seen, because they are blacked out.


Interstate 35 near Industrial Road

Emporia, KansasJun 26, 20070 Comments

State Troopers patrol the part of I-35 just North of the Turnpike part of I-35 that runs from South of Wichita to Emporia. There is a curve in I-35 just after going through the exit toll booth to exit the turnpike. Visibility is limited and the Troopers can not really see which car is speeding, but the radar will register. A deversion type fine will run $330 for ten miles over. I was not speeding, but the Troopers radar detected a speeder and pulled me over after I rounded the curve. The economy is depressed in Emporia and Lyon County. Aggressive traffic enforcement is being used to make up for shortages in the local government budget. Now that travelers are being exploited the once filled motels are empty. (Emporia – Lyon County)


12th and prarie

Emporia, KansasDec 31, 20020 Comments

When driving through emporia, my hometown I would recommend staying at no more than 5-6 m.p.h over the speed limit. I got pulled over and got a warning by a state trooper for going 38 in a 30. Watch your speed going through this town.

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