Rose Hill, Kansas Speed Traps

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Rose Hill Rd

Rose Hill, KansasApr 21, 20110 Comments

Traps are located all through town mainly up and down the main street through town. Officers hide and wait behind objects and bushes and other obstructions. For radar detectors users, don’t be fooled if you pick up K band in town. This is the only town I am aware of in the area that still runs K band. They also use the more popular Ka band but one officer still uses K band in instant on mode so be careful and don’t ignore it!

Rose Hill Rd. just north of 63rd St south

Rose Hill, KansasFeb 18, 20110 Comments

THIS TRAP IS IN THE EARLY MORNING. I live in Rose Hill and EVERY morning the police sit here facing north. They are just south of the 35mph posted sign.
You can NOT see them until it is to late. Remember coming south on Rose Hill Rd, the speed limit changes quickly from 55 to 40 and then 35 all in about a half of a mile. When the sun comes up they move onto a more hidden location.

Rose Hill Rd. & Silknitter Rd.

Rose Hill, KansasJan 05, 20110 Comments

Local officer sits in a parking lot on the east side of Rose Hill road at night facing north. This allows them to get oncoming traffic headed south and also traffic coming up from behind headed north. They are very hard to spot with all of their lights off until it is too late. These are small town cops who usually dont have much to do late at night and spend most of their time running radar from hard to see locations. Be careful!

North of town on Rose Hill Rd

Rose Hill, KansasAug 22, 20100 Comments

As you leave town headed north the speed limit changes from 40 to 55. Do not accelerate until past the 55 sign as the police are usually in the area at night and will get you if you go too soon. Same thing coming into town. If not slowed down to 40 before the sign they will get you. These guys stalk the town at night and will follow you until they can find something to pull you over for.

rose hill rd just north of 63rd

Rose Hill, KansasApr 06, 20100 Comments

As you are coming into Rose Hill they are just behind the 40 mph sign. you wouldn’t think there would be one since it’s an empty field, but they park next to it mostly at night hoping to catch you. You have to slow down to the posted speed BEFORE the sign or they get you. I’ve only seen them there at night.

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