Bonita, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Bonita, Louissianna

Bonita, LouisianaJan 28, 20150 Comments

Theres really nothing but a curve in the road to even let you know youre in a town. It was New Year’s Eve and had been a downpour of rain all day. Ibeing the holidays, I hadnt seen a car all day. I had gone to Louissianna from near Memphis, Tn to pick up a boat motor I bought. It wasn’t even possible to go over 45 on the dark roads just South of the La/AR state line. The cop said I was going 46 in a 35, and it would be over $300. I saw the lights turn out of a road in my rear view mirror, as it was the only light around. I did not see a sign stating the speed limit. Ive never had a speeding ticket, and Im 40 yrs old. I guess it’s possible I missed it due to the heavy rain. Anyway, the guy followed me for 2-3 miles from like 500 yds back, and I didnt know if he was pulling me over or not…Right before I get to the state line, he comes up close. I see where Louissianna tried to pass a bill requiring a “SPEED TRAP!” Sign before towns who support themselves this way. Our country has become a police state right under our noses. The policeman was nice, I will give him credit. Guess he’s making his paycheck. Now, I cant get an answer at the police station…

Hwy 165 north

Bonita, LouisianaJun 18, 20140 Comments

On the north edge of town police watch exact spot where speed changes. Must be on the speed limit. Cannot be over at all. This small town has always been a problem with locals as well as those passing through. Be sure you are at the 55 before speeding up.

US 165

Bonita, LouisianaMay 01, 20120 Comments

Police cheif drives a black car. Ticketed for 42 in a 30, fine was $220.50 PLUS a $16 processing fee. I do not understand how a town with approx 300 residents can afford a WEBSITE dedicated to paying traffic tickets. Well I can now. BEWARE!!!

US Highway 165

Bonita, LouisianaMay 21, 20090 Comments

This is one of those out of the way Speed Traps. On the Hwy going from North to South, there is actually a sign posted, indicating a SPEED TRAP Ahead. Coming from the South to North, there is no indication.

US Highway 165

Bonita, LouisianaMar 28, 20060 Comments

Hides in between two buildings to catch speeders.

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