Clayton, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Hwy 65

Clayton, LouisianaMar 08, 20230 Comments

Photo speed trap, signs below eye level, no speed limit signs, dude wearing all white with camera on tripod. Doesn’t matter how fast you are going he is getting his ticket. Best part is the photo evidence doesn’t even give time stamps or distances that add up to a recordable speed. Even if you are doing 40.1 in a 40 mph zone you will never know, and neither will the crooked cop. Good luck traveling through the swamp.

Anywhere on US 425 or on US 65 in Clayton.

Clayton, LouisianaJan 24, 20230 Comments

Location varies but they are using handheld LIDAR unit that captures speed and phot, then they send you a ticket in the mail. And it’s not cheap : $180-$225 range. State law requires signs to be posted from 250-500 feet of where units are operating. This happens sometimes, other times they are not clearly marked. Just be advised that if you are speeding through Clayton, expect to get a letter in the mail.

US 65 near Bishop Rd

Clayton, LouisianaOct 12, 20160 Comments

Police officer sits down in the construction area right after the turn onto 65 from 425. No speed limit sign showing speed of 40mph from 55 on 425.

425 entering 65

Clayton, LouisianaApr 22, 20160 Comments

First, the city cop pulled us over for doing 62 in a 40 zone. We never saw a 40 sign. He told us it was a school zone. We never saw a sign. Then, he proceeded to ask for our car registration, telling us that we were not in compliance with the law in our state, Texas, which requires that we carry the registration. He said that both Texas and Louisiana have this law. A driver is only required to carry registration in Texas for a commercial vehicle. Not a private vehicle. So he’s either misinformed or a liar. He hit us with two tickets. No clue how much this will help his bank account.

Coming off 425 to 65 North

Clayton, LouisianaJul 31, 20151 Comments

425 comes out of Natchez, MS. with a consistent speed of 65 mph. The entrance from that to Highway 65 North is more of a curve or similar to interstate entrance ramp where slowing down is usually not necessary. AS SOON as you come out of the curve on to 65 North BAM 40 mph. with a cop sitting right there. He pulled both myself and my daughter in law following me with a combined total of 6 children in the cars for 63 in a 40. No warning, no nothing of impending speed zone. That is a trap and should be illegal. I have never had a ticket in my 43 year of driving until now.

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