Fenton, Louisiana Speed Traps

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On the highway

Fenton, LouisianaOct 08, 20200 Comments

Returning from the area of the Coushatta Casino, there is a single police SUV located under a shade tree to the right of the highway. I was running 68 in a 50, but the citation was issued for 75 in a 50. This is true policing for a profit. They made sure to cite me for 25 over to increase the revenue potential.

Cop under tree

Fenton, LouisianaSep 24, 20190 Comments

I was driving through Fenton with knowledge of this speed trap, so I was slowing down. I know for a fact I was going under 60, the cop popped on his lights and pulled me over. He said I got you going 63 in a 50, I know this was not correct. I called the judge to explain and he hung up on me. The only thing this little town of Fenton has is fake speeding fines.

Hwy 165 north/south bound

Fenton, LouisianaDec 21, 20180 Comments

Police officer sitting under the shade tree just waiting to stop you for going 55 in the 50 speed zone. His speed reader must not be calibrated correctly because he claimed I was going 62.

North City Limits

Fenton, LouisianaMar 10, 20170 Comments

This is nationally known trap with a long history. The mayor is also the judge in town, so don’t even bother trying to fight it. Traffic fines are the main source of income for the town. After being stopped there, I had a most interesting and humorous email exchange with Eddie Alfred, the mayor/judge (and probably dog catcher). Let’s just say that Mayor/Judge Alfred’s grip on reality seems to be rather tenuous. Just pay the fine by mail and do your best to avoid the area. Remember, you don’t actually have to be speeding to get a ticket there. They aren’t real sticklers on the fine points like your actual speed.

Hwy 165 south bound

Fenton, LouisianaFeb 14, 20170 Comments

We had saw the cop sitting on the side of the road and me and my father had looked at the speedometer and he was only doing 45 he slowed to 41 and the cop wrote us a ticket for 56 in a 46 this is some complete bull.

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