Greensburg, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Bank of Greensburg parking lot (Main Street and College Street)

Greensburg, LouisianaJul 18, 20091 Comments

Local officers sit in parking lot of bank facing westbound radaring eastbound traffic. The speed limit is 25mph due to it being in the middle of town. There is kind of a crest on the hill by the masonic lodge so you can’t see them sitting there until it’s too late.

LA Hwy 43 North

Greensburg, LouisianaJul 18, 20090 Comments

Local police officers sit facing northbound radaring southbound traffic. They sit in a pipeline driveway behind bushes and by the time you see them they are already pulling out on you. The speed drops from 55mph to 45mph on the hill by the parish police jury building. They write an average of 25 to 30 tickets from this spot per week!

LA Hwy 43 South

Greensburg, LouisianaJul 18, 20090 Comments

Local police sit in a ditch facing southbound radaring northbound traffic. The ditch is between South 3rd Street and Greensburg Street (Southland Steel Road). The spot is between a curve and a hill and as soon as you hit the hill they have you. The speed limit is 45mph northbound, and 35 mph southbound so they catch you either direction!

State Highway LA Hwy 10 near Cellular Tower

Greensburg, LouisianaOct 04, 20080 Comments

Cop sits up on an embankment just off the highway behind a small cluster of trees at the driveway to the cellular tower. He faces west clocking east bound traffic. The zone is still a 55 mph and going to 45 mph about 200 yards behind him, but he runs the 55 mph zone pretty often and I am always seeing him with people pulled over. I have asked a town council member what speed he is writing people for and he stated the officer is stopping people at 65 and over, but if you break 70 mph it is almost a guaranteed ticket….and he says he writes alot.(guess I can’t blame him if they are going 15 mph over the speed limit!)

State Highway Hwy 43 North and South near State Highway Hwy 10

Greensburg, LouisianaOct 04, 20080 Comments

The first is Hwy 43 South, officer sits in a ditch on the south bound side facing the northbound traffic. The speed limit is posted as 45 mph and you can’t see the cop until it’s too late even though it is in the wide open, it’s just the way the location sits it catches you off guard. The second is on the other side of town, Hwy 43 North. Cop sits in a driveway to a pipeline facing north catching southbound traffic. Once again the speed is 45 mph.

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