Lake Charles, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Interstate 210 Loop westbound near I-210 Bridge over Prien Lake

Lake Charles, LouisianaMay 24, 20080 Comments

To my knowledge, this is the heaviest radar enforcement area in Southwest Louisiana, and for no reason. I pick up police here using radar about 1/3 of the time I pass by. This trap is located just north of the I-210 bridge over Prien Lake as people coast down a long, straight strip of Interstate and cross back onto land. Speed limit is 60 mph as is all of the I-210 loop. A car put in neutral at the top of the bridge at or below the speed limit, however, can easily do 70-80 mph by the time it reaches the bottom of the bridge. Police hide in the median on the crossover emergency vehicle road behind the decorative tall grass in the same median. They target westbound traffic (which is actually traveling north at this point on the road). They are completely exposed to eastbound traffic, but almost impossible to spot going westbound unless you are looking carefully or have a radar detector to warn you. A good radar detector will alert you either when you crest the top of the bridge (about 1/2 mile before you reach the trap) or on your way down the other side.

US 171 Bypass near 171 Bypass

Lake Charles, LouisianaAug 06, 20070 Comments

Just opened five lane US 171 bypass. Speed limit set at 35 MPH. Cops sit in hiding waiting on cars to fail to drop to 35, after coming into town from a 65 MPH area. New road, it saves no time due to this low speed limit. Why build a five lane super highway and set such a low speed limit.

I-10 Westbound right before Exit 31

Lake Charles, LouisianaJul 14, 20031 Comments

On I-10 westbound in Lake Charles LA, there are 2 curves which are relatively sharp for the area. After the last curves is a moderately straight stretch of road that climbs a small hill. The posted speed limit is 60mph in this area. Trooper will sit just over the crest of the hill and NAIL you as you cross over, as the straight stretch of road has probably influenced you to go faster than the unreasonably slow posted limit. Troopers are not very lenient when it comes to writing the ticket, either. This is a BAD place and lots of tickets are given here as Calcasieu Parish has almost no money except for gambling revenue, and tickets are the only way they can get money.

I-10 East, just after and before loop

Lake Charles, LouisianaMay 30, 20030 Comments

Speed limit 60mph on I-10 through Lake Charles. When leaving Lake Charles city limits around the loop connections – one generally waiting to snare people traveling at 70 mph. I have seen him many times giving tickets

I-10 Eastbound

Lake Charles, LouisianaSep 01, 20000 Comments

Despite the Eastbound I-10 construction being completely finished, officials in Lake Charles have begun enforcing the 45 mph speed limit through the construction zone as of early September, 2000. Both marked and unmarked cars are being used and they generally wait on the downslope of hills & overpasses. Be careful!

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